Just filled in the London entry

London form has just dropped through the door. £27.00 seems an awful lot of money to trot round London. How many free power drinks do you need to consume before you come out level?

Does anyone know of a way to take 45 minutes off your PB to get automatic entry next year. Suppose I could put down that I am 93 years old!


  • Ah... but its £1 for the medal, £2 for the chips, £24 buys you 6 months great PR in that you have actually got a place!

    Good luck with the ballot, Colin.
  • You get it cheap at £27:00 it is £55:00 for an overseas competetor!!!!! forgetting to mention airfare, hotel bills etc.

    I reckon that the real cost will be nearly £400 to do the London marathon this year!!!!
  • I sent mine too! It could be my first maratho ever. Or not. How do they select people to get into this thing? I was assuming it's based on a certain number of people in each predicted finishing time since that's what they ask for on the outside of the envelop. If so, I bet I won't be there!
  • I looks like I have a guaranteed entry due to coming in under 3:45 in the FLM 2002 which is pretty cool as I applied no less than 4 times before being accepted for this year!!!! Good Luck everone!
  • According to RW (Oct'01)women aged below 49 with a sub 3:45 and men below 59 with sub 3:15 (within the last year)could get guaranteed entries to the 2002 race by sending evidence to;

    Good For Age
    Flora London Marathon
    PO Box 3460
    London SE1 8YN

    Does anyone know if the same arrangement will apply for next year ?
  • Rob,

    Yes it definitely does!! Marathon News has the following details:
    men 18-59 2:45-3:15
    60-64 sub 3:31
    65-69 sub 4:01
    70+ sub 5:01

    Women 19-49 3:15-3:45
    50-54 sub 3:51
    55-59 sub 4:13
    60-64 sub 4:35
    65-69 sub 5:45
    70+ sub 6:15

    Entries need to be received to address by 18th October, giving details and proof of performance, achieved in 2001 or 2002. poof needs to be photocopy of results, or copy of results slip and age.
  • Does anybody know whether the results slip that came with the dodgy photos from this years FLM would be sufficient evidence??
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