nike triax v nike equalon, which is best

ive been running in nike triax 11 for the past few months and have had no problems but time for new shoes is upon me and im thinking of changing to the nike equalon.

im a moderste overproantor and like my shoes to be squashy and well cushioned, any opinions on the equalon and anyone know if theres any great difference between the triax and equalon ? equalon is about £15-20 more than the triax and is it worth it ?

any opinions appreciated, thanks


  • I recently changed from the Asics 2000 series to Equalon 2 ...I've had no problems with the Equalon really comfortable although like any shoe takes a few runs to get used to them! ...tried the Triax on and didn't seem to fit as well ...I guess its down to personal preference.
  • I had equalon +2 and didn't like the fit. Before them I had Triax +10 and wanted to "step up" to equalon because you'd think more expensive = better fit, etc.

    I then bought Triax +11 and they felt much much better, a lot more suportive (heel) and bouncy.

    Couldn't quite put my finger on why I didn't like the equalon, in my opinion they felt a bit lifeless?

    Just put an order in for Triax +12.......

  • hey. what is the difference in weight between nike triax +11 and nike equalon?? Anybody knows?? 


  • I like both but was happiest (most injury free) when in Equalon4s. They are now extinct butbthere are some occasionally on eBay.

    I also fancy the Triax 15s though and they felt quite comfybwhen I tried them at Sweatshop.
  • Neither is better or worse than the other. 

    The Equalon is slightly more supportive and slightly more cushioned, while the Triax is more responsive. 

  • That`s right Ben. I like both. I had 2 pairs of Triax but got a bunion with 2nd pair and then moved up to Equalons and never looked back. Until they stopped making them!

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