Giz a job

 27th January 2009 I’ll be unemployed for the first time in 30 years.  I am currently working as an outdoor pursuits and general manager for an American holiday firm (Based in Spain).

Employment Background

Have been a soldier, builder, personal trainer, civil servant, teacher, business and life coach, lecturer, academic, writer, management consultant and small business advisor, aid worker (logistics).


PhD, MA, BA (x2). MBA,CIPD qualified, PGCE (English and Drama). Black belt in origami and feng shui, make a great cup of tea.

Looking for.

Teaching/lecturing/training… but would consider anything within reason.  Geographically and financially independent. (For a while... till the cash runs out)

Will not do.

Anything where I have to manage American college students or be Coops/Fat Faces/DMs’ bitch... (but they can be mine if they like)

Actually... seriously... If anyone does hear of anything ... drop me an email 



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