Training for under 40mins in the Eastleigh 10k


 Anyone looking for some back-story, check out my thread on training for the Victory 5. For now, onwards!

I recently ran 32'51" (recorded/published time) at the Victory 5, a 5 mile race in Portsmouth. Using the Macmillan Running Calculator, that suggests my 10k time at around 41'44". 

For the Eastleigh 10k, I would like to be under 41 minutes for definite... and would love to dip under 40 minutes for the first time. My previous thread wasn't that popular... but i'd appreciate comments, feedback, suggestions and criticisms from all! I'm particularly keen to hear from runners of a similar standard, runners doing Eastleigh this year and anyone who's done something similar before.

 Hopefully some of the regulars like M.eldy, Yifter S., Shelf side, Mmm..Marmite, Stevie G and others will be back to share their thoughts. 




    Just a nice easy recovery run.

    Somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes... using an unmarked course, and completely untimed! Had a complete day of rest yesterday, so just wanted something to get the blood flowing! Intend to do some interval work at the gym tomorrow... something to the order of 2 x 2400m at 5k pace (10.2mph) or 3 x 1500m at 3k pace (10.5mph). 


    20 mins at 6.7mph warmup

    8 x 400m with 90 sec rest

    20 mins at 6.7mph warmdown

    All 400s done at 10.9mph (82-83 secs per rep)


    25 min recovery run
  • Hi Paul, i'm thinking of entering the Eastleigh 10k with an aim of under 40 mins too. Did the victory 5 in 31:14 the other day so should be possible according the RW calculator. I'm training for the Prague marathon in may though so will be doing a mathathon training plan, i'm hoping increased milage and a couple of runs around 10k pace each week will get me under 40 mins. Would like some advice on whether my aim is possible without any speed/interval work? Bearing in mind the marathon is my main priority.
  • Paul

    After about 8 - 10 weeks doing up this weekly session I got a new PB of 39.34 (my previous PB was 42.54!).

    This “magic” session really has worked for me.

    First find a 2k loop - google maps / /
    (I found 2 in fact within 200 metres of each other, which I ran in different directions to make more interesting and then repeated my slowest loop again to make 5)
    Then I ran the 2k loop with a target pace of 7.55 mins, had a 4 / 5 minute recovery then did another loop. In total you should do 5 x 2k loops (10k split into 5 obviously).
    At first I could only do 4 x 2k loops and not even getting under 8 minutes.
    Then I managed 4 x 2k + 1 x 1k - still not managing to get under 8 minutes (8.05, 8.10 etc). I eventually manged to do all 5 in one session. Over the following weeks I managed to break the 8 minute barrier and now I regularly range between 7.20 - 740. The key is to be able to complete all 5 loops, even if not at sub 8 minute pace - bettering your loop times will come progressively.
    There is a great pysological boost knowing that you run a sub 40 10k albeit in 5 parts. What this session does is to teach you how the sub 40 min pace feels and makes your running more economical & consistant.

    Make sure you wam up & cool down properly as you will be nearly replicating race pace conditions. I also was doing a regular 10 - 12 mile long run on a Sunday, 7 -9 miles Club run Tuesday plus the odd 5 - 6 mile quickie when I could fit it in.

    I initially started this session to improve my 10k time to under 40 minutes but now use it as part of my half marathon training. It has helped me get under the magic 1.30hr mark - something that has eluded me for some time and which I thought I couldn't achieve.

    Good luck - and hope this works for you too.
  • Paul - I ran Eastleigh last year in terrible conditions, but even then it was still a good course. Only 1 hill in it, and it's early on (somewhere around 3-4k if I remember rightly), so you'll have it out behind you whilst you're still fresh. What is your typical training week like at the moment?

    For any distance from 10k-mara, imo, the most important session is a proper threshold/tempo session (i.e. pace between current 10k and HM - obviously as you get fitter this pace will improve, so unless you're racing you'll have to judge the appropriate pace yourself, or use a HRM, but try not to start generating lactic - the purpose is to nudge up your LT from below), so a pick from 5-10 x 5mins w 1 min walk/slow jog rec, 3-8 x 8mins w 2mins jog rec, 2-4 x 12mins w 3mins jog rec.

    You may find it easier to maintain a consistent pace on the track, and you should also start in at the lower number of reps of each of the above sessions to allow room for progression. If you decide to use them, plan it based on the total number of minutes you would be running at threshold for each time, and look for a continual increase. Preference would be to do it by HR, rather than pace though, and initially, you may find that your pace tails off very quickly for the HR, but don't worry, it will pick up in time. Hope that helps.

  • 1 mile easy warmup

    5 x 800m:

    800m easy warmdown

    All done on a real running track!
  • Will answer the above posts when I have more time.
  • Tom Phillips: I think that any distance under 10M is going to benefit from intervals and speedwork. You certainly would struggle to run a substantial 5k time without it. 10k is a tricky one to consider in that respect. I'd still favour some speedwork/intervals in your routine, maybe only in the run-up if you're keen to avoid it.

     Knight Rider: That sounds like a good session, i'll definitely give it a try.

     Tipp Top: I'm currently doing 1-2 long runs a fortnight (13 or so miles), 4 interval sessions a fortnight, and 2 tempo sessions a fortnight. On the days off I either do a 25-45 minute recovery run (untimed) at a steady pace, or have complete rest. The gist of your suggested sessions definitely sounds good, and beneficial for the aim I have.

    Tomorrow's plan: recovery run or rest.

  • If you stick to that schedule Paul you'll shatter 40 mins. I'm going for the more manageable one interval and one tempo run per week approach, but also looking to go under 40mins at the Regents Park 10k on 1 March.

    Looks like you've got the training sessions in place for a good schedule but what about races? Planning any 5ks between now and then? A couple of races would really help your fitness and having mini-goals along the way makes it easier to stay motivated.
  • I had 90s rest between those 800s. The reason that they were all over the place is because I essentially ran them flat out... but flat-out in the knowledge that more were to come. So I probably should've aimed to do all 5 in under 3 minutes or something instead.
  • I'm going to go for a 13 mile run tomorrow... progression stylee. Start slow and finish at marathon pace.

    Nothing today... felt shattered after work so had a 10 hour sleep.
  • Did a 90 minute steady run just now, using a 2-lap route near my house. Undulating course, but similar to many road races in terms of the surface and route etc.

    My GPS screwed up half-way round, so not sure on precise distance. Google earth says the route is 11 miles strictly speaking, but I think I covered slightly more than that... probably around 12 minutes. Felt good throughout... didn't eat anything beforehand, but stopped in the middle for a toilet break (one that could not be avoided!!) and for some sports drink and a gel.
  • No running yesterday - was in London all-day shopping.

    Treadmill 10k-type-session this evening.

    800m warmup @ 6.7mph

    10 x 1k w/2 mins rest

    800m warmdown @ 6.7mph

    All 1k reps done at 9.5 mph (3'55" per rep) so the total 10k time without the rests was about 39'13". The session took about an hour and ten minutes, and I covered a total of 7.2 miles.

    Felt bloody hard, particularly after the 6th rep. The last 2 were absolute murder. But I know what a sub-40 10k feels like now (sorta). In a couple of weeks i'll try and progress this onto 5 x 2k at a similar pace.

    Did this one inside because although I don't mind running in the cold, I don't like running at night, particularly around rush-hour time.
  • In case anyone cares, my current bodyweight is 143lbs. I might start taking my resting pulse in the mornings! Now that would be exciting.

    I should probably sort my diet out.
  • Outstanding session Paul! Seems like you ran 10k at 5k pace...

    Is that possible?!?! Treadmills are a little easier, but maybe you're in better shape than you thought...

  • I find treadmills harder to be honest! You really have to work to breathe. I find that outside i'm cooler and that my lungs don't have to work so hard to get the oxygen in.

    I'm really pleased with the session. Just need to progress it to 6 or 8 intervals, then 5... then 3... then 2.. 

     Hopefully by the end of March i'll be in 39minute shape. 

    I'm going to break the sacred unwritten rule of running and do 2 hard days in a row!!! Because i'm not sure if I can fit any running in on thursday or friday... and sunday's going to be tight. So tomorrow and saturday will be this week's remaining hard sessions. Some sort of 5k-pace session tomorrow for 3-4 miles... then a longer run of 10+ miles on sat. 

     Psychologically, that 10 x 1k was very hard. It really was a "grit-your-teeth" one. I think that the mental aspect would've shot me down doing it outdoors. I give up to easy. But glad I got through it anyway. 

  • I think that for me there are some big spaces between psychology and physiology in how I can manage my running. I prefer speedwork to tempo runs..... but find long runs easy. I dont like running on a treadmill... but I find it easier to run at pace because I don't have to will myself through it.

     Hmmm. I think i've got a fair bit to learn in terms of "pushing myself". I don't mind pain, but sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself to try hard. I've learned this from having my grandpa coach me through speedwork sessions at the track, and seen how I perform  better and bring home better training times when he's there.

  • In my attempts to upset the establishment, i've done 2 hard days in a row.


    800m warmup at 6.7mph

    3 x 1600m with 3 mins rest

    800m warmdown at 6.7mph

    all 1600s done at 10mph (6 minute miles)
  • Well.. the intended session was 4 x 1 mile.... but i spent the last 25 seconds of the final rep with my eyes closed trying to stay on the treadmill. And then about a minute after on my hands and knees trying not to be sick.

    I certainly couldn't have done that out on the road... not got the willpower in training :/

    On a side-note about treadmill calibration... I used to take a footpod setup to the gym, and that would almost always correspond to the distances and speeds given by the treadmill to within 1% over workouts of up to 45 minutes
  • No running today, just going to be out walking 4-5 miles on the south downs.
  • Pretty ill the last couple of days. No training.
  • I haven't done any running since wednesday! I'm going crazy.
  • Still ill.

    I feel like im getting fat.
  • I've hardly eaten anything since Friday. I reckon my daily average for the last 72 hours has probably been 1300kcal or less.

  • Still pretty under the weather... and coughing like a 50-a-day smoker.

     Managed to drag myself to the gym yesterday for 35 minutes of interval training spread across treadmill, bike, rower and elliptical.

     Not gonna do anything today though, just rest.

     Hopefully a longish run on Christmas morning.

  • Sorry to hear about the lergy - that's too bad this close to Christmas. Hope you get better soon, and enjoy the run on Christmas day - bet you'll be glad to get back out there again!
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