Training for under 40mins in the Eastleigh 10k



  • Hi Marathon?

    I'm a consistent 5k man. Usually do the low 20's verge of the high 19's zone. Gone a couple seconds under 20 minutes before, but I'm very consistent over this distance and it annoys me because it's showing little improvement. It could be a good thing though, 20 minutes 5k is tough for me but I always try my hardest.

    My best and worst times for the same route is only 20 seconds apart. Is that not good consistency? image

    I think it's all about the runs we have done today though. The easy runs which help with endurance so 5k feels more like a sprint than an endurance run.

  • Id say if you've just upped milage significantly you should be able to see more improvements very soon. Doesn't sound like youve been running long enough to plateau yet? My 2 5ks around that time were hard work too, ive found it hard to settle too much in them but i guess thatll come with experience.


  • I feel like I've plateaud though. The progression in my race times over the past 2 months is very little.
  • I'd suggest just gradually building your milage should see an increase in time.  Speedwork also helps me a lot, what does your current schedule look like?

     Did a tempo run today, 7.3 miles today with the middle 5 at 6.57m/m, felt like i could have continued but dont know for how long.

  • That's a good pace Marathon. I've done 4 1/2 miles today at 7:43 m/m which is slow but it wasn't easy by any means. I didn't go out with a good mind this morning, bit of stress lastnight so that could have worn me out. Have you ever noticed when it's windy it's tougher to breath?

    May do something else this evening, like some kind of speedwork.

    No haven't really got a schedule, but I'm trying to sort one out that will see me run 40mpw with one vo2 max session and one LT session a week. My legs are feeling stronger since the increased milage, my aerobic capacity needs improving on though.

    What's your current schedule?

  • Seems like a good pace for runs which arent speedwork to me, tend to do my runs at 8mm pace unless they are quicker sessions. Havent noticed that when its windy, but hate running into it, so much harder. Spent the first mile of the 5k on sunday right behind someone as a windblock! 

    It does take time to get used to increased milage, how quickly did you build yours up?  

    I posted my schedule yesterday on this thread. Its just one ive made myself, increasing milage by 2-3 miles a week. Tend to have a rest week every month too. Most plans tend to say 1 speedwork session a week but i like having two in there, no evidence to back this up but it works for me so far. Building up to a half marathon on June 21st.

     No idea what time to attempt it at. Ran one last year in 1 hour 52 something but hadnt done much consistent training before it and didnt taper either. Should easily be under 1.40 this year but no idea how much to push it in the race. In the race calculator it gives me a time of just under 1 hour 30 from my 5k time but thats 6.51 pace, not sure i could hold that for 13 miles.....

  • Yeah it's all about the correct training really. I think you can judge a 10k time off a 5k time but we have to remember that 13.1 miles is more than double the distance of a 10k.

     I've been training for a little while now. Had an on and off spell and when I decided I'm going to be running consistently back a couple months ago, I was on around 20 miles per week. I would say I'm now hitting 35 miles per week and my times have came down but very slowly. I think it's all about letting my body settle into this routine for a few weeks, rather than upping the miliage wearing myself out.

    One thing I have noticed with the miliage increase is strenght increase. My legs are feeling stronger and can handle longer runs better. My cv is slightly better but that is something that takes years to build up on. If I can keep to 35mpw for a few more weeks and get comfortable with this miliage, I will be expecting my times to come down. Only time will tell.

    Have you tried the smart coach? I think it's very usefull actually, I may give it a go if my own workout doesn't work.

  • Yeah , i did look at the smart coach but didnt like it, prefer more than 1 hard day a week, although most evidence seems to suggest just the one.

     Been looking back at old posts, noticed your splits for 5ks being flat out to start with and slowing down, do you still race like that.

     My first 5k in march my mile splits were

    1 - 6.06

    2 - 6.20

    3 - 6.30

    Final 0.16(according to garmin) 6.20 pace

    Giving me a time of 19.57

    My second i ran on sunday my splits were

    1 - 6.26

    2 - 6.22

    3 - 6.11

    Final 0.16 (according to garmin) 5.15 pace! giving 19.50 for the race

    Considering i tapered better for the first race, was hungover slightly for the 2nd one and it was a much windier day id say the latter approach might be better for you, it certainly was for me. I;d say i started slightly too slowly,  but you'd want to start at a pace where you wont slow down at all through the race. Was also a lot more fun overtaking people in the last mile than being desperate to hold on.

  • 8 miles in 1.03.36, felt hard in the wind and tired from last few days but not too bad. Endurace seems to be good for the half, last mile was just as easy as the first.

    Squall - How did those doubles go? I must admit 60 miles in 6 days looked pretty daunting! You ready for the 10k now?

  • last weeks training

    mon: rest

    tue: 1.5m warm up, 5 x 1k @ 3.38, 1.5m warm down. (found the intervals quite hard this week)

    wed: 7m easy

    thur: 2m easy, 4m @ 6.26, 2m easy

    fri: rest

    sat: rest

    sun: 5k race 18.00min

    didn't intend to taper for the race but was forced to take friday off due to family commitments and then thought I may as well take saturday off as well.


    I've recently changed my schedule from just easy running to include 1 long run (around 11m), 1 interval session (5 x 1k), 1 tempo session of 4m (plus 4m of warm up/down) and the rest of the week at an easy pace (7.30-8.00p/m). Try for training paces.

    over the last 10 months i've averaged about 25miles per week but have increased it to about 40miles the past few weeks as well as introducing the speed sessions above.

    I thought I may struggle to increase the mileage at the same time as introducing speed work but on the contrary I actually feel stronger for it and may even start training 7 days per week or add some double days soon.

    My times have come down as follows:

    sept 08: 10k  41.29

    dec 08: 5k 19.26

    feb 09: 5k 18.38

    apr 09: 5k 18.57 (hilly course)

    may 09: 5k 18.00

  • Marathon?:

    you've pretty much done the two races with the same splits, but in reverse. I bet the second race and negative split felt better?

  • Sprint AkieSprint Akie ✭✭✭

     Good improvements in race times there Midnight Rambler! Are you going to be entering any of the 5Ks in the North Cheshire Grand Prix Series @ Dunham Massey, Hollins Green, Bowdon and Lymm?? Three of them are in our club series so I will be there.

     Im on a week off running but cross-training to make sure my hip is fully recovered. Got a triathlon in 2months so its a good excuse. Did just over ten miles on the bike in 50mins which Im pleased with considering Ive not been on a proper bike outdoors in about 5 years!

  • MR - Sounds like we've got a very similar training schedule, though mine is geared more towards longer distance. Too early for me to see results from it yet but it seems to be working.

     Yes, the 2nd 5k felt a lot better, the 1st one was my first 5k and i was dragged off into a quicker start than i'd intended to. The 2nd one i made the opposite mistake, settled into my target 6.15 pace just behind someone else mainly to block from wind and took me too long to realise he'd slowed slightly. Aiming for as close to 19mins as i can in 3 weeks time. Are you doing it again?

  • I've got the manchester 10k on the 17th and will definately be doing the Alex park again on the 31st, but not sure after that. Have you done any of the gp series before SA?

    Getting a good time (was originally aiming for sub 40) in the Manchester 10k has been my aim for the past 10 months and I'm not really sure what goal to set my self now.

    I've toyed with the idea of doing the Amsterdam marathon in October but not sure I can face the massive amount of slow mileage needed. I have really enjoyed running the 5k races (they hurt, but they're over quickly!) over the past few months and so I may just concentrate on these for the rest of the year.

    Whats everyone else's goals / targets for the coming months?

  • Sprint AkieSprint Akie ✭✭✭
     Im sticking with 5 and 10K's in the short term but now Im back from injury want to slowly increase my mileage again so I can have a go at the Macclesfield Half in September (suppose to be hilly). I havent done the GP series before but the races seem to be set in nice places so have sent my entry form off for the whole series. Im racing in the Manchester 10K as well but not sure what time Im going for again due to the lack of training but we'll see.
  • Great work guys.. glad to see you've kept the thread going in my absence!

    I read somewhere once that a Marathon was 99% Aerobic... and that a 5k was still 95% Aerobic... not sure about the scientific truth in that, but it would explain why having a huge endurance base/aerobic capacity would give you a good time in any distance from 5k upwards...

    Cornwall was lovely, shame about the weather monday/yesterday. Had a lovely sunny day in St Ives and the surrounding beaches on tuesday, so that's all that matters image

    I should probably get back to some training...
  • Done 7.87 miles @ 7:46 m/m
    Was hurting towards the end. It's unbelievable how much easier it would be to run in my racing flats.

    1) 7:44
    2) 7:31
    3) 7:29
    4) 7:41
    5) 7:38
    6) 7:48
    7) 8:01
    8) 8:25

    Last bit was on an incline. I think I set off a bit quick which burnt me out towards the end. Wasn't easy by any means. If I averaged 8:00 m/m it would have probably been that much easier. All makes a difference!

    What you been doing for training Squall?

  • That's pretty speedy... are you sure you aren't going at it a bit hard/quick?

    I've done nothing since... friday?

    I'm doing some sort of tempo session tomorrow.
  • Marathon- just to let you know almost all of the evidence points towards 2-3 hard days a week being appropriate. I don't know many training schedules that only have a single hard day in a week that aren't at the very least building up to two hard days in a week.

    Keep it up guys - top work.
  • This morning:

    1 mile warmup
    3 miles at 10k pace (6:21ish per mile)
    1 mile warmdown
  • I haven't done that session yet... it's just the plan!
  • 3 miles in 18'58"

    Felt pretty good throughout!
  • That's a quality run that is Squall. Was it all out or hard but comfortable?

    I have one problem, my racing flats I can achieve a sub 20 minutes 5k therefore my tempo runs should be done at 6:45 pace but doing them in my primary running trainers is a mission as they are that much heavier.

    What made you do that session then? Keeping sharp for the 10k? You looking to get sub 40 again?

  • Comfortably hard... just slightly quicker than the pace i'm hoping for at the Netley race a week on sunday (I'll be aiming for a 6'23" average in it).

    And yeah, i'm only doing another 3 sessions between now and the race, and 2 of them definitely have "sharpening up" in mind.

    I'd like to get under 40, but Netley's a tougher course.... it's trail for some parts, lots of bends, slightly undulating... nowhere near as fast as Eastleigh.
  • Eastleigh is in Southampton is it not? Fairly flat over there, is that where you live? What trainers did you run in today? Racing flats or your primary pair?

    1580 runners, amazing! Didn't know it was such a big event!

  • Twix

    I wouldn't have thought different trainers would make more than a few seconds difference at best. Whats the difference 100g? You could probably get the same weight saving from shaving your body hair! Saying that I race in Brooks T5 which are about as light as they come but I'm sure it's more of a psychological thing.


    good effort. definitely still in sub 40 shape. What's your 5k pb?

  • My 5k PB is currently 19'32" - but I reckon I can smash 19 minutes at the moment, given the right course and conditions.

    I'm better as the distance gets shorter anyway.

    I always wear exactly the same shoes... racing, training... whatever.

    Eastleigh is huge... it was won last year by Dan Robinson, our only man in the Olympic Marathon at Beijing.
  • Good runs you lot, managed 13 miles at 8.15 today, bit disapointed at how hard it felt but it was pretty windy today. At least the endurance seems to be fine, legs are just a little stiff a couple of hours after.
  • That's really good Marathon. Yeah well I done only 4.4 miles today and was extremely hard. I don't know what it was but the first two miles was easy and the last two felt like I was in a race. I think it was the wind, thank goodness I didn't attempt 8 miles today! I hope it's not this windy tommorow though.
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