Wednesday 10th December

They are sleeping in my head

What; 5Miles easy am 8 miles pm
Why: Running
Last Hard: I forget
Last Rest: A while back

Building the base as ever.

Have a good day y'all!



  • Morning peeps.

    Quiet on here today !

    What: 4M Steady on a cold and frosty morning again. Very enjoyable.

    Lyrics: No.

    Have a good one.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Club night last night : 12x400m (approx) on grass, 100m slow recovery. Ran wel but think I may have tweaked a hammy, felt a bit tender on the cool down, and still stiff this morning. Therefore, easy jogging today to see if its just an age thing!
    Won't be around on the forums for a few days so if you're racing this weekend, good luck!!!
  • Hello!

    I'm not around much at the moment - busy working (kind of - one day I'll get paid!)

    • What: a run? a bike? we'll see....
    • Why: swim pool closed week (I did promise I was going to go to the gym but...

    Haven't read yesterday's thread yet - but that swim from two (more?) days ago sounds nice, NZC (except the kayak bit - that's more trinni)

    Have fun all 

  • ILL. Off work, pissed off.

    No Stevenage 5k tonight and possibly no Andy Reading 10k Sunday. nadgers....

  • Greetings

    back to work today, but really quiet on the roads as schools and government still closed.

    What: 10K included 2K warm up, 5 x 1K @ 4-12 min/K  off 90 sec recoveries, 2K warm down.
    Why: Having been on holday for 5 days and thus training harder then usual I canned the sixth 1K
    Last Hard: Today, really didn't feel like doing speedwork it was the triumph of mind over matter
    Last Rest: 9.11.08

    I noticed that yestedays run which was on the same route and the same distance as my first "long run" back from illness 4 weeks ago was run at a average speed of 12.8 KPH and Average HR of 138 BPM against 11.3 KPH and 153 BPM 4 weeks ago, Now I feel better!

    TmR: Whilst I hope to run for years to come, I certainly don't assume that there will be a next marathon anymore, far too many injuries, illnesses and health scares over the past two years to feel anything but very mortal.

    Have a great day 

  • Good morning all.

    What: 7.1 miles slippy slidy on the ice
    Why: wednesday and I'm working at home
    Last hard: if I'm honest not much recently
    Last rest: sunday

    Pleased with that.  Same route as last wednesday.  12 secs/mile better pace, with HR 5 bpm lower. Gorgeous day out there, although some of the lane and pavements were a bit treacherous.

    Shower and food time then back to work...

  • Morning all,

    In UK for a few days to include surprise for my two older daughters tonight and sign up a UK distributor for the book. Damn it's cold!

    What easy 3 miles later
    Why very easy on the tendons
    Last hard ages

    Have a great day
  • Morning all,

    I did nothing yesterday after all - despite feeling twitchy on the days when I don't train, I am also receiving messages from my body that a) it is not ready for anything consistent yet and b) it does not want to get in a swimming pool! Isn't it a woman's prerogative to change her mind?! I'm also commuting 65 miles each way most days at the moment, which cuts into the day a bit. 

    Have a good trip Trini! Will you post the link to your book again?

    What: turbo session with harder bits
    Why: trying to encourage myself to get moving again, so I don't get fat!
    Last hard: 23 Nov
    Last rest: most of the last 2.5 weeks really

    Good runnings all.

  • Hello Trin, you are right about the weather.

    What: 20 miles started at 4.45(Gobi o Clock is back) d&d
    3 miles + drills at lunchtime d&d
    3-5 miles PM
    Why: circuits cancelled so an extra short run
    Last hard: mentally this morning physically the weekend
    Last rest: Friday 5th December

    I think I may know the lyrics

    Reading back to yesterday.

    NZC/AF, maybe the fact I can run on IS the problem
    TT, just how I feel
    Marmite, I set standards and this year I failed to achieve them therefore I cocked up :~)
  • Afternoon

    Dustin - Hope the hammy is alright, take care

    What: 5.76 miles
    Why: Easy run
    Last Hard: Last night at the club

    Surprisingly the pavements round my neighbourhood were ok, headed out towars the river the path alongside river was icy about 1½ miles into run thought it was only one or two patches but No. Decided to go back and try another path this was better

  • Afternoon folks.

    4.45? Mad.....

    Just back from an easy 5.4 miles (41mins-odd) in lovely conditions, then it's supposed to be a track session with the club tonight. Might need to re-assess things if the track is icy/frozen, but in the meantime the plan is to run a 10k parlauf. Just need to play it by ear.

    Have a great day.
  • LOL Scobos, this is a lie in when it goes out to 25 miles I start at 4.15 :~)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    4:45 - walking to the station - someone needs to oil the wheels of international capitalism....;-)
  • Whats wrong with 0445? In the summer we start at 0400!

    As for oiling the wheels of international capitalism, I kinda thought they had fallen off??

    Yesterdays lyrics were Massachusetts the Bee Gees. You need to be old to remember that one.

    Trini: I don't intend to find out how cold the Uk is, 11C here yesterday morning was quite cold enough for me.

  • Gobi - so you 6min/mile the first 5 miles of your 25? ;o)

    4.45 - sound asleep. Or lying awake wondering how the hell Gobi does it.
  • Nah just finish later :~)

    Set alarm get sorry arse out of bed, when not in mood remember which races I have coming up.

    DD, sure 4am is nicer for you than it is for me with the UK weather.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭


    dustin have you had your ou result??

    I passed, grade 3, not  great but  a pass!!! I am so happy.

    what:  short plod and swim later

    why: I want to

    last hard: last night 5 k race around the new cycle track, very hard

    last easy: 30/11

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • woohoo Wabo, well done on passing.  Is that the end of OU for you or do you have more next year?

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Great work Wabo!!!

    Just checked, passed my final year (another distinction!!). Proud owner of a degree now and I think the full title is BSc (Honours) in Social Sciences with Geography and Economics (First Class Honours).
    If the wheels have fallen off the capitalist wagon, I guess I'll start teaching training in the new year after all.......

  • Fantastic Dustin, well done.
  • Afternoon all,

    Gobi:  I don't think you're doing that much wrong. 

    Pammie:  Both Jones - Steve and Hugh?  Don't forget Greta Weitz - I think her achievements are under recognised.

    FIN:  Clocking a serious double there. 

    IM:  I commute over 65 miles each way every day ( except wenesdays ).  What with training, there's no day let to cut into image

    Well done to Wabo & dustin on the OU results.  I keep thinking I must redress my previous flirtation with higher education and do a degree, but there're only so many hours in the day .  Do they do degrees in Marathon Running?

    I nominate NZC for the prize for best meaning of christmas. 

    • What:  17m mid-week, medium-long run
    • Why:  It's mid-week
    • Last Hard:  Yesterday
    • Last Rest:  15 Days

    Have a good one!

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Dustin, well done to you, wow!!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Well done wabo and dustin, that OU stuff takes some serious commitment!

    DD - scraping the ice off the Avis car at 0700 this morning at Gatwick. Left Bdos at 32C yesterday. Will be worth it when my daughters show up at their local pub tonight and see me in Santa hat behind the bar, as mastercard say - it will be priceless!

    IM the book is Ask Leadership. It's on and the website is

    Gobi - dead right 4am and butt freezing vs 4am and 20c are very different!
  • AF - Many great athletes at one time or another have come down to run in N.Z. Grete was one of them. I watched her run on the track, she was like a machine, I thought more of an ice-maiden. She was of course running at the same time as our Alison Roe, who American's rated as a number 10image Alison did well, won both Boston and New York, and gave women here the confidence to have a go.

    My husband told me to ask Alison's coach to coach me, just to see if he could work his magic with a good but not great runner. Lots of people here didn't give him much credit for her success. Anyway, I'd run in the 2.50s a few times, but couldn't get under it.

    So Gary Elliott, was the one who got me to do it  - in 1981. It was all about power of the mind - Trini will understand. The long slow running was out the window, and it was speed, speed and more speed. I got my best time - 2.47.25, and that was by starting off at 2.37 pace! It was by unlocking any barriers you have of yourself. It was a shame that his motivational powers were lost to the sport, as his interests went other places.

    I met Grete last year, at New York, where I lined up for her to sign  her new book written for new runners. I really didn't want the book, I wanted to talk to her and get her autograph. She said she had been battling cancer, so hope she is doing well. She was not an ice maiden at all - she was really lovely.

    What: 6 miles flat with mates then time for coffee and chat - 6 miles not enough for us to get all our talking done!

    Good running everyone.

  • Trini - have fun - I'm sure you will have a blast - I'm sure it will be priceless!
  • Well done Dustin.

    What - 7.25 miles steady.

  • Evening all.

    Nothing doing here today. Was woken up at 6am with a ripping calf cramp in my right leg (assume it's down to the crutches and the right leg taking more weight), so figured that weights today probably wasn't a good idea...... however, things are feeling good enough that I'm intending to try either some aqua jogging or cycling tomorrow morning (assuming a lack of overnight calf cramp).

    NZC - 2:47 after starting off at 2:37 pace? Nice!!! How was a typical training week structured?

    Gobi - 4:15 is mad!

  • Tipp Topp - I only did 7 weeks with him prior to marathon race and a couple of them I was feeling sick or stuffed.

    1st week -

    Mon 8 miles easy

    Tues 2 miles in 10.16 plus 1 mile 5.12 - (downhill miles)

    Wed 30 min am  40min easy fartlek pm

    Thur 35 min am 10 x 200m strides with 2mile wu/wd pm

    Fri 30min am 30 min pm

    Sat 10 miles easy

    Sun 17 Waiataruas - hilly run - run hard.

    Mon 30 min am 45 min easy pm

    Tues 30 min am 10 x200 pm 3miles wu/wd

    Wed 30min am 3 mile time trial - 16mins pm 1mw 4 m/wd  (downhill)

    Thurs 30min am 45min pm

    Fri 20min am 40mins incl 2 miles  of 50yd dashes pm

    Sat 10 miles - middle 2 quick

    Sun Waiataruas 17 miles

    After 3 weeks of continually pushing myself, I had the Sunday off - vomiting all night. The 4th week I just ticked over. The 5th week I did a 36.39 10k and was sick most of that week. The fifth week I got a pb road 10k 35.51 and did a 10 mile time trial of 62.37.

    The following week was marathon week which read like this

    Mon 1hour easy

    Tues 45 min easy fartlek

    Wed 20 min am 30 min incl 10 x 100m strides

    Thurs 1 hour easy 2x 200m strides at end

    Fri 20min easy am 20 mins easy pm

    Sat 20 mins easy 10 mins slow

    Sun Marathon - Relaxed running - enjoy it. Get with a group doing around 6 min mile pace. Sit in the middle and concentrate on relaxing.

    Spend 15-20min each day this week in a quiet place. Lie down and relax - Tell your self what you'll do in the marathon - I'm going to relax and float along - running smoothly - easily. I'm going to enjoy the run. My stride with be strong. I will hold 6 min miles for as long as I can without worrying about the end of the race - I'll be positive about my performance. I know I'm strong enough and fast enough to run a good marathon. I've done the work - now I'll relax and put it all together!

  • It all went well until mile 20, when I was caught by Barry Magee, who said, "the race starts here". I promptly vomitted, as I'd been racing since mile one. He waited for me and ran with me to the finish, I had a good enough lead that although the second woman was finishing fast, she was not fast enough to catch me.
  • Evening

    NZC - Thats fantastic reading well except for the vomiting bit. Ever thought of writing a book

    AF - Yes Grete as well i meant to mention her then there were many great names around in the 80s (sorry don't remember the 70s not much. Except Ipswich winning the Fa Cup and some Ice skating sucess but thats about it

    My only claim to fame athletics wise was meeting Verona Elder she was working in a local college i got the chance to hang round her a few hours one afternoon see what she did. This was when i was thinking about work in the Sports industry. However this was well before i got the running bug real bad, though i did run then but i didn't race. Oh if i was to met her now i'd have so many different questions to ask

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