Cycling in Lanza

Any tips on routes, where to stay or bike hire?

 Asking on behalf of a frind of the wife, sadly not for me. 

Cheers peeps.


  • WTF did i read that as

    "Cycling in LYCRA"

    Back of the class for me. 

  • Dont La Santa do the whole deal, Bike hire accomodation and routes, might be expensive tho
  • La Santa is shite imho - like a glorified Pontins with facilities.....

    loads of road cycling in Lanza Dunc - basically go where the mood takes you - if they're up for it perhaps they fancy tackling the IM Lanza course??

    no idea about MTB but I would think there should be loads of off road trails although the sharp volcanic lava and cactuses could be hazards to tyres and life!
  • Ar%e.  Just realised I meant Tenerife, not Lanza.  Sorry.

     Both mean the same to me - hot, full of brits off their trolley wearing union jack shorts and not somewhere I'd want to go.

  • been to Tenerife but for most of the trip I was pissed so can't help sorry Dunc.......
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