Do you have any strange habits?



  • Nutcases the lot of you! image

    I talk to animals

    and the TV

    and my PC

    and myself when I'm alone image

  • LP - I do something similar when chopping veg ... I count each chop!

    I hate doing it and I don't know why I do it, it really annoys me - I don't want to know how many slices of carrot I have - I really don't! image

    But I still do it .... image

  • Oh, I feel so much better for reading this.  I feel almost normal image

    I have OCD.  I have to check my straighteners, oven, freezer, list goes on.  Had never previously thought about the hot tap but now it has been mentioned ......image

    I also check my floor in my gym as I have an underground pipe that I am convinced is leaking even though the plumber has told me that it is fine.  I am not convinced and after Christmas I am having a new overground pipe put in.  One less thing to obsess about... but I will find something new.  I am eyeing up a bit of lead on the roof to worry about next.

  • Oh, and has anyone seen the film Clockwise with John Cleese?  That is me. image  Things have to be done at a certain time.  You could set you watch by me.

    Oh crikey, I really am saaaadimage

  • That is a good film Shimmy image
  • I hope it is on this Christmas image

  • OMG I do that with the straighteners Shimmy Shimmy  - I have to touch the plates to make sure they are cool.

    I tend to check my travelcard is in my pocket a lot too, but that's becaue I lost it once and had no end of hassle getting it replaced.

  • I did that this morning and I hadn't even been using them image
  • I talk to myself when I'm working.  My colleagues keep reminding me that the PC isn't voice activated image
  • I can't have a number 2 with a long sleeve shirt on, image

    No idea why, or how this came about.

  • Straightening cushions whenever I walk in the loungeimage
  • I can't leave the house without tissues - even if I haven't got a cold.
  • I read somewhere that talking to yourself is actually quite a mentally healthy thing to do. Something to do with us having two distinct hemispheres in our brain that process information in very different ways. The way they communicate within the brain is not perfect so by talking out loud to yourself you're effectively passing information from one part to the other much more efficiently.

    Ahem. image

    My strangest habit (other than getting unecessarily nerdy in a light-hearted thread) is probably when pouring foostuffs out, like rice, pasta, cereal etc. No matter how much I pour out I always have to grab three or four bits and put them back in the packet. I cannot just pour, stop, put packet away, it just feels wrong!

  • Well that is just being practical Small. You never know when they may be needed.

    I worry if I don't have any with me.  image

    Sheddy, I knew you were strange image

  • SS - I once left the house to go to for a meal at an Indian restaurant. Half way there I realised I didn't have tissues with me, so I turned round, went home and got some.

    I also have slight panic attacks if I can't find one when I'm out!

    That is a bit weird isn't it? image

  • Nope, perfectly normal image I do it, it must be normal image  It is.... isn't it??? image
  • my mother has them tucked into her bra straps if she hasn't a pocket to put thm its not normal........................................................image
  • Well you have to keep them somewhere image  The bit at the front is a bit more comfy than under the shoulder strap.
  • When i load the washing machine with clothes and before I switch it on I have to walk around and count the cats, even though I've just loaded I worry about the cats being stuck in there after it goes on!!!

     I also have to do the suitcase thing, I'm constantly unpacking and re packing before a holiday cos I suddenly think of something I want to take and have to check if I've packed it. (i guarantee everytime that i get somewhere and have forgotten something too!!)

     The cushions in the lounge have to be straight before i leave for work.

     I treat writing xmas cards waaaayy too seriously!!

     handbag, purse, keys, handbag, purse, keys, handbag........

    tie back curtains are an art and I go crazy if they are done wrong!!!

    just a few for starters!!! lol!!


  • i can only eat mouthfuls of the same food - i can't mix a forkful of meat with peas for example.  and on my plate i like no food to be hiding under other food. 

  • Ever seen dinnerladies Pud?

    You are a real life Steve Greengrass image

  • also, if i start by eating, say, peas, i have to finish them all before i start on the next thingimage
  • scream - no, never seen it, but i assume that that is not a compliment image
  • Oh gawd, I do that too.  There really is no hope for me.

  • I can suck my own nipples
  • Not sure thats actually a habit. More a labour of love
  • Just joking by the way......
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