Do you have any strange habits?



  • I used to be an art librarianimage
  • Mister W - nope, it's perfectly fine in both ears.... I actually think it stems from walking to school with the same person, on the same side for years and years.... Got awkward once when I went on a date with a very polite guy who tried to insist on walking on the side nearest the road, on my left... I'd subtly tried to get over to the other side and he moved me back over so I had to have 'the chat' about my weird thing.... Not a good first impression!!
  • none whatsoever
  • Got you bang to rights moomoo!image
  • *files JC under........*


  • Are you referring to the Mushy Peas thing or the suck your own nipples thing?image

  • Erm..... wot?image

    I meant the librarian reference as in JC standing for that bloke with the whole star in the east and stable thing.  What did you mean????

    I have a feeling I'm about to have a doh moment when you tell meimage

  • Hash- I think I was a very unholy librarian!image Well spotted JC- but it's not the only thing I've ever done. I do, however, draw the line at strange things concerning my anatomyimage
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