• You can still get Kola cubes - but what about those crisps made with the skins still on I'm sure they were called 'Jackets' - they never lasted long!!
  • I'd forgotten about Jamboree bags!! How could I do that??!!

    I wrote this once on another thread and don't think I got a reply but does anyone remember chewing gum with cards of the American Civil War and 'Confederate Dollars' inside?

    This was a real craze at my school for a while.
  • BK, you were overcharged! Black Jacks and Fruit Salad were sixteen for a penny at my primary school.
    Has anyone mentioned love hearts? My daughter reads and eats them now.
  • Juicy Fruit chewing gum
  • Hey RB those American Civil War cards where all the rage at my school as well, I seem to remember they where a bit bloodthirsty, that must have been about 1965 ?, did you get the Batman cards as well ?
  • Ah - these trips down memory lane. The trouble is I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time so I think I've forgotten this before!
  • My Dad used to work at Cadbury's in the 60s & would often bring home some products which had "gone wrong" in the manufacture.
    e.g. "Bar Six"es with no wafer filling - just solid chocolate.

    They also used to do Milk Tray in bars rather than as individual chocs as I recall.
    Cadbury's Snack? - don't remember seeing too many of them recently
  • Lots of missing pictures on this page. I don't charge. Wurzel you should be easy to sort out.
  • Hello Gaz,

    Those cards were VERY bloodthirsty. I can't remember if they were actual photos now or just mock ups. I think 1965 must be about right. The chewing gum was an interesting taste as I remember.

    I didn't do the Batman cards though.

    Did ANYONE ever buy 'liquorice wood'?

    An olde shoppe near us when I was a kid sold actual wood that tasted of liquorice
  • RB, I remember - once - trying liquorice root, which was woody and tasted of liquorice. My fat cousin was forbidden from having sweets and given that stuff as an alternative, and I was graciously permitted to try a piece. Must have been lethal for the blood pressure. You can still get it in back-street health food shops.
  • Must be the same stuff. I never saw it anywhere else or since. Thanks for that as nobody I have ever spoken to knows of the stuff and I thought I was going a bit mad!

    Can you still get the liqourice pipes? The ones that has red stuff on top of the bowl as the hot bit......
  • Hi BK
    I have tried till I am Blue in the face (not Knees) he he, to get a picture on here, hope you can help.
    Cheers, Gaz...
  • Has anyone mentioned trafiic lights. Gob stpport type things thta had loads of colours in and changed hue as you sucked.

    Why do I think i'll regret that last remark?
  • Gaz, I'll email you. Send me back your file and I'll have a look at it

  • I would hate for you to be disappointed Barkles, so tell us...
    In what way was he changed, and was he just a good friend?
  • RB - I remember the American Civil War cards and Confederate money far better than the product they were supplied with. The goriness of the cards was always the selling point for me.

    BTW.....wagon wheels??.....there, I've said it now.
  • Wagon wheels are not only still on the go, they're currently on sale at two packs for the price of one in Tesco and Sainsbury's. I'm sure they used to be much, much bigger, though.
  • Just like cream eggs - I'm sure they've shrunk!!
  • I agree, Gillian. Cadbury's keep denying it, but I'm not so sure. Wonder when they'll bring out king-size cream eggs? Now, there's an emetic proposition to rival Lucozade Sport.

  • Apparently, (I THINK I read this somewhere), Wagonwheels have exactly the right proportion on carbs, fats and protein for a runner.

    They gave them out at FLM 2002.


    You would probably know about this better than I.
  • RB, I might have guessed that the perfect runner's snack would be grotty old sticky-centred Wagon Wheels rather than something nice like all-butter shortbread or Bounty bars. Wagon Wheels, for me, are right down there with sports bars and doughy flapjacks in the palatability league.

    The one I got at FLM 2002 was snaffled by my 8-year-old son (I didn't need it - they still had a few Mars bars left when I staggered in to the post-race party) and half of it was found under the sofa several weeks later. He's never asked for another.
  • V-Rap,

    Can't say the're a fave of mine either. I get soooo ravenous after running that I'll eat practically anything. I actually don't really like Mars Bars - I always found them a bit heavy but after the BB 1/2 I went through one in about 2 seconds flat!!

    Love Bounty Bars and shortbread though!
  • In my goody bag from the Loch Leven Half on Saturday we got a Tunnocks tea cake - I hadn't seen one of them in years!
  • Tunnocks stuf is available in Co-ops around here. Lovely
    I love wagon wheels, even if they do make me hurl.
  • Barles!

    LOL. Not quite sure why but I think it's the thought of you eating them with relish then hurling straight afterwards!


    All the best,

  • No pain, no gain mate.
    This way, could even enjoy them twice.
  • Gillian, there's even a plain-chocolate-covered version of Tunnocks Teacakes now - I saw them in Safeway in Caernarvon, of all places.

    I used to love nibbling the chocolate shell off a little at a time then licking off the white gluey stuff. For some reason, they're not as nice now. It's not just my age - my kids think they're horrible. Maybe the recipe has been "improved". But they definitely haven't shrunk, so the Wagon Wheel and Creme Egg thing isn't just me having a bigger gob these days.

    Tim, a Tunnocks Teacake is like a chocolate mallow cake except the mallow isn't set properly. They're nicer than junket.
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