• mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Dulce de leche is even better - now, that's something you couldn't get when I was a sprog.
  • Hit the spot eh Gillian?
  • Is it isotonic then?
  • Depends how sweet you are, Sythree.
  • http://tv.cream.org/arksweet.htm

    Nostalgic about sweets. Try the above link.

    Pink Panthers and Space Dust hmmmmm
  • You get a low calorie version of condensed milk in Sainsbury's but it's awful - to really appreciate it you need the real full fat mega calorie stuff.

    I was craving fruit and nut bars this morning but that's been overtaken by condensed milk...."must not go by the shop on the way home must not go by the shop on the way home"

    silly question: you get fruit and nut, you get whole nut but why don't you get whole fruit? (I know you get choccy raisins but they're a poor substitute to a chunky bar of chocolate) - I reckon I could quit my job and "invent" whole fruit and hopefully retire on the profits - retiring at 25, now that would be good!!!
  • is space dust the same as popping candy?
  • Pink Panthers were like magical dream bars - fantastic idea, but coated your teeth with god knows what and always left you feeling a bit sicky.
    anyone in yorkshire got info on roocrofts nut milk squares? - bought once on a trip to sylvia plaths grave and never matched.
  • Gillian, fantastic idea, the nuts are always a let down, but the fruit!!!!! mmmmm. I love yoghurt coated raisins from Holland and Barrett as i can kid myself they're good for you, but a bar of whole fruit WoW.
  • Gillian can you really resist the call of the Fussells?
  • Well Tim, that beats my sweets from Yorkshire.
  • I should have known better that to get involved in a discussion about sweets - I'm starving now!!!
    Anyway I'm going to be good - finish work at 4 and go for a quick run and hopefully be home by 5 (before all the tea time traffic starts along with the beeps, whistles and general abuse) afterwards we're having a chinese carry out - fat and health wise is chicken satay acceptable ?ideally I'd love sweet & sour but the batter and frying part frightens me too much)Back to the topic - what about chicklets - chewing gum from Spain/Portugal.
  • Answer the question Gills
    Can you resist the Fussells pull?

    Bet you can't
  • Barkles I'm going to try - although I've got this scarey feeling that I might end up in the ASDA down the road (which opens 24 hours) in the middle of the night frantically filling my basket with tins an tins of the stuff. - at least I'll know who to blame ............
    why is it you never crave the stuff that's good for you - i.e how many people have you met who "must have" an apple?
  • Sad to say I'm getting that way with bananas.
  • I remember Chiclets, Gillian, although the ones I had were a present from my lovely step-auntie in Canada. I seem to remember that they came in lots of different flavours. Peppermint and cherry were my favourites.

    Fussells, Barkles? Carnation, surely! Gillian, if your supermarket is a decent-sized Sainsbury's or Tesco, get dulce de leche instead. Really! It's gorgeous. And possibly the only foodstuff of which I can honestly say that I like it but couldn't eat a whole one.

    Tim, I am going to pretend to be a foodie now and go around getting sniffy because you can only get Argentinian dulce de leche here - unless anyone knows different...

    I remember a bar called "5-4-3-2-1" which was heavily promoted as being something special in Scotland because it was being introduced there ahead of the rest of the UK. I think it was just a dust-dry two-finger chocolate-coated wafer biscuit with a sprinkling of nut-shavings.
  • Condensed milk- mmmmmmmmmmm, love it, got a tin in the cupboard which I use to make Delia's energy bars, but you don't need the whole tin so - well, it would only go to waist (waste).

  • I'm off home (avoiding the supermarket Barkles) have a great weekend everyone

  • V-Rao,

    Didn't they use the Manfred Mann's hit 5-4-3-2-1 to advertise it??

    I'm sure in Ireland they used to do a 'whole fruit' bar but can't remember what it was called.

    I've NEVER had condensed milk. Or dulce de leche.

    Am I missing something?
  • RB, they certainly used an annoyingly memorable jingle to advertise 5-4-3-2-1 on telly, although I don't know who wrote it.

    Missing something? Condensed milk - no, it's only fit for cooking with (I use it for home-made bounty bars). Dulce de leche - definitely.
  • V-Rap,

    I'll check it out as I'm popping into Tesco on the way home.

    On a completely different note, I see that Majestic Wine are doing 25% off Penfolds wines.

    I'm sooo tempted to go get a mixed case.

  • Amazing it has taken 114 postings to get from sweets to wine!!!!!!

  • Especially as it only took about 10 postings to get from junket to menthol inhalations.
  • Maybe we could pass on wine tips....

    Certainly not junket tips..

    ..'great junket I have eaten'...??

    No, doesn't ring right.
  • Wine tips...

    The wine you buy in France for 20p a litre tastes delicious in the gite, but turns into antifreeze during the channel crossing.

    Bulgarian red champagne is minging.

    Just because it tastes sweet and there are flies floating in the bottle doesn't mean that your neighbour's home-made viburnum and aubergine wine won't get you drunk.
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Just had a thought, when I was a kid I used to love "Pontefract Cakes" round liquorish thingies............
  • Angel delight
    Still hungry, obviously!
  • Don't know why but when out running this morning I suddenly thought of Wispa bars, do you still get them?
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