• Angel delight is still available and still as synthetically gloopy as ever. Likewise Dream Tipping - remembr that? I used to be given something my mother called "pink pudding", which was a blancmange powder whisked up with milk. Haven't seen it around, probably because that's not its real name. It came in boxes of 5 sachets.

    Wispa bars are still around (I remember them being the new bar on the block - sometime around the early 80s) and have spawned several derivative versions.

    Creamola foam?
  • Wine...

    Sparkling Shiraz (Seppelt) is great if you're interested in red bubbly. I beleive it also won a silver medal in the IWC... If that means anything to anyone!

    Lambrini is also fantastic... Especially the 1976 vintage
  • You used to get Creamola Foam up until a couple of years ago - the orange in a shot of Vodka was Fab!!!
  • Barkles - Ha managed a condensed milk free weekend, although I reckon I would have been allowed a little after my mammoth 12 miler on Saturday morning, I ended up running so far because I couldn't be bothered tackling the hill on my usual ropute so I took a different one - didn't realise how long it was until I was miles from home - eventually made it home in one hour 36
  • Well done Gillian..... but you kept thinking baout it tho.. didn't you?
  • I always seem to come in late on these threads but does anyone remember Prizes? These were fudge, raisin and buiscuit covered in chocolate. I was adicted to them but they were withdrawn about 20 years ago. Whenever I mention them I just get blank looks from people (actually that seems to happen a lot to me).

  • I had a privileged upbringing. I remember asking "How much are the penny bubblies" and being so embarrassed that I never returned to the shop.
  • TIM!!! I'm disappointed in the Don Darias! If you have an Asda near you and you want a bottle of cheap n good red, try the Asda Crianza at 2.96 a bottle!

    fav reds are...

    Faustino I
    Rosemount (Anything by them)
  • Also from ASDA is their Argentinian Red - I learned to like red wine with this one!!
  • I think I got a bit of a bargain last week. Bought 6 bottles of Koonunga Hill Chardonnay and 6 of Rawsons Retreat Shiraz / Cabernet at 4.49 a bottle. Unfortunately (?) needed to buy 12 bottles as it was from Majestic Wines. However also splashed out on a rather nice bottle of Chassagne Montrachet at a price that I didn't think I'd ever go for... don't ask...

    Good value at the moment is a South African Red at Sainsbury's for about 4.49 (I think).

    Mostly I like the Ausralian Reds although Chilean is pretty good too. I'm not all that great on subtlety!!
  • If you like your red wine dry, try some German wine like those made from the dark red Dornfelder grape (if you can find any over there that is) or semi-dry Spaetburgunder. Suuuuuuper!
  • RB
    While I was out in Ox I fell in with a bad lot and we drank a fair quantity of the red stuff.
    Long Flat red - their cheep sh*te was about £1.30 a bottle,( not too bad) and some stuff from the Barossa at £5.00 was simply out of this or any other world.. and NO HANGOVER!!!!
  • One that's v. v. v. v. v. bad for giving you a hangover is Banrock Station - I think it's Australian (I am 110% sure that the amount I drank had absolutely nothiging to do wth the hangover...)
  • Jon - Rosemounts are on offer in some shops at the moment. Excellent wine.
  • I forgot to say I felt like a real alky this morning as I was in ASDA buying a bottle of red at 8am (other half is offshore so I thought I'd make sure we had enough in for when/if he comes home)
    It's amazing how this thread started as childrens sweets and has developed onto adults "sweeties"
  • Naturally, hic!
  • Can you buy alcohol at 8 am ??
    Yippee, Mondays may henceforth be more bearable
    White chocolate mice (UHG)
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