First race tomorrow!!!

I started running in October and decided I needed a target to aim for so I entered a 5km fun run.

Back in October it seemed like it would never come but it has, it's tomorrow and I'm getting a bit nervous now.

I've managed to run the whole distance twice in the last two weeks but with a couple of carppy runs in between when my legs just wouldn't move and I'd be sooo disappointed if I had to walk any of the race.

 At least we will all be dressed as Santa so I'm banking on the feel good factor to get me round.

Don't know what I'm expecting you all to do about it but it just helps to share newbie nerves I guess.

 BTW Anyone else doing the Bunwell Santa fun run in Norfolk?


  • Chill image  It'll be a guaranteed PB!  Nearly everyone gets nervous before a's mad, but we do.  Even for races where I know I can do the distance, and have absolutely no chance of winning I get nervous.

    Start at the back, don't go off too fast (very easy to get carried away!), and if you start to feel wobbly, slooooow right down but keep it at a run, not walk.  Then you'll make your goal of running all the way.

    You're doing fine for a "newbie in October".  Celebrate your success.

    Now, time for a mug of cocoa and off to bed for your big day Santa...

  • Thanks  Heckenhocker!
  • I'm sure you'll have a cracking day.
    First race nerves is expected; everyone had to start somewhere.

    Let us know how you got on.

  • have a good race. You will be fine. As said you are guaranteed a PB.

    Let us know how you got on

  • all the best dippy- you'll be fineimage
  • did it go??
  • Hi guys and thanks for all your good wishes.

    We had a great time. The atmosphere was great, as was the organisation and best of all they announced that it's my birthday today over the tannoy  (cue silly,big grin from me!) What a way to turn 35!

     Time wise we were carp. My running buddy (bless her) had come down with a really bad cold verging on flu but still insisted on turning out so I wasn't on my own. She had to take quite a few walking breaks but I jogged along beside her so although our finishing time was 43 mins, on the plus side at least I know I can run (well shamble if I'm being strictly honest) for longer than I thought. And hey, we only took up this running lark on 12th October!

    So I have a rosey glow of contentment and am up for my next challenge - I LOVE running and runners!

  • Well done - go and sign up for the next race nowimage
  • Will do.

    I fancy the King's Lynn 10k at the start of May.  I'd love to do something between a 5k and a 10k before then but there aren't really any in between distances are there?

  • Well done, bet you're really proud of yourself! Sign up to that 10K NOW! image
  • That's great...well done to you both!  And happy birthday!  You owe your running buddy a hot toddy now image

     Get that 10k in the diary but why not another 5k in say'll keep you motivated and you'll see if you've improved (and you will have if you keep up the plodding)

    Actually, there are some 5 mile races which are between 5k & 10k...but they're not too common


  • Dippy you might get lucky and see a five mile race but usually it'll be a 5 or 10k, keep an eye out and well done on your first race!


  • Thanks everyone.

    Don't know if I'm just looking in the wrong place but there don't seem to be many races in West Norfolk/East Cambs but I will keep looking.

    I know I've been bitten by the bug 'cos I asked for running gear for both my birthday AND Xmas. Unheard of normally!

    My buddy has been diagnosed with bronchitis  that could have turned to pneumonia and is now on antibiotics, so I definitely owe her at least a hot toddy .Bless her.

  • Great Yarmouth has a series of 3 5 mile races, look on events.

    Keep it up Dippy, the forum and races have been my motivation, I am only 6 months ahead of you but done a 10 miler last week.

  • well done dippy-keep it up, (and you Debbie)image
  • Good going Debbie

    Thanks for the support towner.

    I need to start thinking about my first solo run as my running partner will be out of action for at least a couple of weeks (see above!) .

     I'm a bit worried that my mind will start giving me permission to quit even though my body could go on (I'd be no challenge to an interrogator). Maybe I need to find a back-up form of distraction and get myself an MP3 or something.

  • Dippy - I went from coach potato to runing bore in one easy step.  Like you, I asked for running gear for my birthday and now more gear for xmas - so I can run in winter!  I changed jobs and then got vouchers and a runner's watch from them too!  I am all kitted out but it has not really helped my times though.

    I do 3, 5 and 10K runs around Glasgow.  Last year, my old work did a three 4-person relay teams in Edinburgh marathon and i did a 5-mile (appx) leg.  So there is some variety in race distances...

    I find running with MP3 player a great escape.  Running is psycological - just tell yourself you are going to keep going, and you can run through all kinds of doubts / barriers (I can still here me saying things to myself like....just turn here and do a shorter run.... just walk; you know you are tired) It was a bit like the nicotine monster that used to sit on my shoulder till I blasted him away!

    Love running!

  • Yes, yes, yes Oksamionay that's exactly what my monster says ' just walk for a bit 'cos your really tired now'

    Have just been looking at MP3 players - think I'll get one at the weekend with my birthday money.

  • My mobile does mp3 player - saves carrying around 2 bits.  and I got an arm carry-er and sports headphones for birthday!
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