Groin Problems

Runners World Colleagues.....Help!!!

 Starting running again actively in February this year and have since shed nearly 2 stones in weight and feel the best I have for many years.  I have a really stressful job and therefore running has become my release.

However, this has all come to an abrupt halt over the past 4-6 weeks just when I was gearing up to put in serious miles over the Xmas break.

I cannot shake off a groin injury and no matter what stretches I try or heat/ice treatment and physio it just does not budge.

Can anybody shed any light on what I could try or what experience of the same problem you have.  Up until 6 weeks ago I was running with slight pain but this became unbearable where I simply had to stop training, this is really getting me down and I need a fix....quick!!!


  • It is probably 'footballers groin'. It takes ages and ages and ages to go and there are no stretches or magic cures; just time. It is caused by overuse or by things like doing the splits, jupping over streams and the like.

    There is also an outside chance that you have a hernia but odds on if you did you would have a lump where your intestine was coming thru the muscle wall under your skin. If it were you would be screaming with angony.

  • Alex

     Thank you for your comments, I believe you are probably correct but even a grade 2 strain should take a maximum of 8 weeks to heal and this is showing no signs of letting up, I'll leave it another couple of weeks and then I think I will try a light run and see how it goes.

     Thanks again.


  • I think I may have had the footballer's groin of which Welsh Alex speaks. I had a strain on the right side which meant I couldn't kick a ball with the right foot for the best part of a season. I did play during that season just using my left foot (heck, Maradonna got away with it) because it took that long to get better. Point is, although I could feel it if I specifically put any strain on it, running around on it didn't do any permanent damage - it was better for next season (and I learnt how to take corners left footed).
  • Robin

    See my response to a similar question posed by matt bassett in the injuries forum.

    You have to put a lot of work into fixing it - there are stretches that help adductor/abductor strengthening but you do need to see a specialist chiro/physio - and you have to be sure it isn't a tear.

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