Witham Boxing Day 5

I have entered this today, anyone joining me?


  • I received my number in the post on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it although I can't see myself beating last years time of 37.30 as I've missed about 4 weeks running in Nov/Dec due to injury.
  • Will see how I feel on the day.  Knee didn't like Hastings yesterday overly.

    Would like to do it - not just because I got lost trying to get there last year!! image

  • Will be there.....looking forward to the "downhill" finish.......
  • I'm in, did this last year my first ever race, so looking at a big time improvement!

    Myles, hope your Ok??

  • Usual end of term cold so I didn't run this morning but nothing too serious !

    In an ideal world I would have liked to have bettered 37 mins this year but i think a conservative 38.30 would be more likely.

    Hopefully see you there,


  • Ultra Kazzaaaaah!! wrote (see)

    Will see how I feel on the day.  Knee didn't like Hastings yesterday overly.

    Would like to do it - not just because I got lost trying to get there last year!! image

    The venue's post code is CM8 1UN. Stick that into maps.google.co.uk and it'll show you exactly where it is. No excuses this year. image

    [Edit] The Football Club and the Rugby Club must share a post code. Google maps points you at the Rugby Club. The Football Club is the other side of the football pitch.
    Ragged Sporran wrote (see)
    Will be there.....looking forward to the "downhill" finish.......
    The last 1.5 miles is predominantly downhill. The short run in to the finish is slightly uphill. Sorry. image

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Boxing Day.
  • Am really looking forward to this! Ran in 2005 and had a great race then (26:50) - am currently in about that same sort of shape so hoping for that or a bit quicker!

    Thanks for the comment Frank- remember the finish uphill but not how much downhill it was till then. Will alter pacing strategy accordingly!
  • Can I just say - very well done to the Witham Running club, they managed this event very well. Plenty of marshalls on route!

    I had a great race managed a PB too image)

     Please pass on thanks to all the Team


  • Well I turned up.... I ran, I acheived a PB, had a great time, and had the hottest shower ever, after the race, I would like to thank Witham Running Club, for organising a good event, and didn't mind the last little climb! now I have Sunday to look forward to (a long slow training run, with some fellow club members)
  • Managed to have a great race with a PB and probably my best performance over any distance (26:19) so really happy!

    Massive congratulations to Witham Runners on a fanastic event- registration has never been so easy with multiple pens and seperate tables so everyone wasn't squabbling over the forms and space to write. So many parking marshalls in the carpark I was worried I wouldn't be able to park! Great marshalls out on the course (including a last runner marshall I saw on ym warm down which is something a LOT of races miss). Mince pie was much appreciated and the race as a whole an uplifiting experience! Fast results and prize giving was also great.

    As one possible suggestion: It is a very fast course but unfortunately it is a net uphill course and you're running against the wind when you're most exposed. My suggestion would be to take the route you have currently and if there is any way of doing it - reverse the route. I can see problems getting a finishing chute set up in that cul-de-sac and possibly the first mini-loop. On the plus side you'd have a course that is absolutely screaming huge PBs and it would save having to keep people in the car park till almost all the runners are finished. It'd also save people from having to go down to the start in racing kit or leaving warm-up gear there.
  • Thank you for the comments regarding our event I am very pleased you enjoyed the morning. It does help though that we have a fantastic Club spirit and that  everyone is so enthusiastic and volunteers are so forthcoming. Feedback is always very welcome and I felt that this year the finish inside the Football Club grounds worked better both for 'Us' and the spectators. Hopefully it did so for the runners?

     On HH's point around route reversal whilst the course may be quicker the logistics around finishing in 'that cul-de-sac' (Cuppers Close) may run in to (no pun intended!) objections both from residents and the Council whom  we have to obtain a licence from to close Spa Rd for three minutes already. In previous years cars parked in that Road obstructing the Start were one of the drivers behind the change this year.

     Results are available on our website www.withamrc.org.uk . Photographs will also be available in our Gallery shortly.

    We look forward to seeing you all back again next year.

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