Lighter nights start after today

For people who like to run in evening. After today it starts to stay light longer - not the 21st of December as a lot of people believe.


  • Is that really true?

    D'you know, it's funny you should mention that - I had a dream the other night about going out running with my friends in the evening and it was all lovely and light.

  • Simon...........i need more information than that.............I have always believed in the 21st (without knowing why) why will the nights start getting lighter from today.................

    not that it makes a lot of difference to me as I injured but more daylight would be niceimage

  • I think you're wrong.  The winter solstice falls on 21st this year and I don't think it is possible for it to be as early as 17th.
  • Ooohps, just read the title.......... apologies, you're right.  It will be staying light later even though the number of daylight hours will be reducing up to the 21st.
  • The shortest day is the 21st but It starts getting light late a few days earlier. In the morning it doesn't start getting light earlier until the beginning of January.

    To prove this - go into the BBC.CO.UK website and click 5 day forecast it has Sunrise and Sunset times. The information I have is for Birmingham - it may be slightly different for other parts of the country.

  • For where I live it seems to be the 19th when the sunset gets later. Must admit I was one of those who thought it was on the winter solstice though. Summer's just round the corner!
  • Good news. image
  • Won't the night be shorter, not lighter?
  • Another boring trivia fact

    We change the clocks back on the last weekend of October 2 months from the Winter Solstice whilst we put the clocks forward on the last weekend of March about 3 months from the Winter Solstice. The logic behind this is so it's light at 8 am over the majority of the UK.
  • Another interesting fact: The last minute of 2008 will be 61 seconds long.
  • image I feel all educated


  • It doesn't help us early birds who have to go to work in the dark image
  • glad someone else has pointed this out.

    I've had arguments about this in the past, and some people just won't believe it. It's something to do with the assymetric orbit of the earth around the sun. It does vary from year to year, but generally the sunset starts to get later a few days before 21st Dec, but sunrise is still getting later until a few days after 21st Dec - often around New Year's Day

  • yep, i've noticed this too. once the clocks go back it is dark when leaving work. but by first week in feb it is no longer completely dark when i leave work.

    but i still can't get up in the mornings!

  • Just checked BBC weather - sunset appears to start getting later from Saturday onwards in Sheffield - the 20th.

    London appears to have this from Friday, and yep, in Birmingham it starts from tomorrow (so yes, after today!).

    Obviously there's slight variation around the country, but yes, it's right.

    And yes, sunrise continues to get later for a while...

    (Right - stop pratting about now Lady P - back to your w*rk, girl! )

  • Yey, great news.  Every year I look forward to the Solstice.  Didn't seem to be as dark this year.  We seem to have had more clearer nights and the moon was particularly bright this year due to it being closer to us.  The closest it has been since 1993.  Interesting fact #4  (or thereabouts) image
  • Trivia ~ #5

    In Kigali (Rwanda), just South of the Equator, they're having their longest day - all 12hrs 14mins of it ! Their longest days are only about 30 mins longer than their shortest days. Makes predicting sunrise/ sunset a bit easier

  • Blimey, they are long days. image
  • Mornings start getting lighter in Birmingham on Sunday - Sunrises at 08:16. The Sunset is 13 minutes later than it was in the middle of December!
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