sound driver

Hi, i appear to have deleted my sound driver so my speakers dont work ,does anyone know where i can download a sound driverfor windows xp,thanks 


  • Now you're sure you've not just turned your speakers down by accident.

    Not that I've ever done that, you understand image

  • it will depend on what hardware you have....there is no such thing as a generic sound controller driver for xp.

     whats the pc? if its something like a dell it will have a tag number that you use on their site to get the correct driver pack....

     how or why did you delete it by the way? have to be messing with device manager to do that.

  • check your folders on your C: drive as there is often one called Drivers (there usually is with Dell PC's) which may have the correct driver for your system - the folder is usually C:drivers or C:windowsdrivers.......

    run device manager and try to reinstall the driver using the correct file location based on what you find....

    if it's not there, you may need to dig a lot deeper on the internerd. ime - sound drivers are the biggest pain in the arse to resolve!!!

    also - did your PC come with a reinstall disc?? sometimes the drivers are on there or on a separate drivers disc
  • Thanks for the advice, I am no computer boffin so I thinks i will take it back to repair shop and see what they can do
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