Achillies and knee problems

Hi all. First off, sorry to post this as I realise it is a very common topic and been mentioned many times on here before - however, I thought I would ask a few questions relating to the particular issues/problems I am currently having.

 It all started back in early September when I did a 5 mile club run. At the end of this, the achillies at the bottom of my foot/top of the heel was pretty sore. That weekend (4 days later), I had a 5 mile race and perhaps foolishly now looking back ran that. Although I was sore on the Tuesday after the club run, the night after the 5 mile league race  the following Saturday, it was very sore indeed in the evening. No shooting pains or anything like that........just very sore with a kind of dull ache. Anyhow, I had a bit of a limp when walking for about a week or so afterwards but felt it was getting better within 10 days or so, so started running again (treadmill then outside). The achillies has since never been a problem preventing me from running, although to this day I can still feel it as to say and it still looks a little swolen compared to my left achillies down by the heel area. When you "feel" something I guess you think there is potential for it to get worse than just a "feeling"!!! However, when I run I feel it is warmed up and then can't really feel it at all.

Anyhow - the other problem is now right knee - or muscle relating to my right knee or close to it perhaps? Basically I am getting the pain underneath the kneecap (not the kneecap itself) and to the right of it a bit. I am able to run and can run 3/4 miles with no problems but as soon as I reach this distance I can start feeling it...then it becomes painful after another mile or so and find I need to stop. So at the moment I am at a loss what to do. I am unable to train properly. I have no idea how long to lay off training because it is not an injury I can feel with normal walking/running (only after running a certain distance). I went to the physio a few times about a month ago and they told me that my problems were related to my biomechanics (my right leg is a bit longer than my left leg and it was probably related to my achillies). The knee problem has got a little bit more prominent with my runs since then though - not in the pain but after 4 miles or so, I know when I start feeling it that I should stop.

Anyway, I appreciate I have been rambling on...but my question is to anyone who has had similar experiences/or is an expert in this field of injury "what should I be doing to eliminate this problem...and that of my achillies (i.e. with still being able to feel it)?".

 Any responses will be very appreciated.



  • Could you explain the site of the knee problem a bit more clearly? I know it's tricky without a medical dictionary, but it could be almost anything from that description.

    As a very crude rule of thumb, I'd say that if the achilles is a minor problem and is getting better, keep on running. If it's bad and/or staying the same or getting worse, get it seen to.

    By the way - "The achillies has since never been a problem preventing me from running". It never is until it's too late. That's why so many people have chronic trouble with it.
  • Hi Swerve...cheers for the reply.

     Ok - my's not a sharp pain, it kind of comes on as I say after 4/5 miles. It is gradual..and not a sharp sudden pain. As I say first off I can feel it, but it gets gradually painful and have to stop running.

    I have been told by a few to get a proper pair of trainers and that could possibly help. Anyway, this is where the pain I get is - on the diagram, its on the right hand side of the image on the knee from where it says "pain on itside or outside part: meniscus or collateral ligament tears and arthritis". Just reading that isn't sounding too good...but it doesn't feel like a serious injury as I say!

    Anyhow - maybe I will try a new pair of trainers and if they don't work, I will have to think of sustained trips to the physio...the problem though is that it's pretty expensive but if that's what I will have to do, then so be it. Finally, im not sure whether losing 3 and a half stone within a period of 4 months or so would have contributed to all this...maybe it was a combination of everything which has caused my problems in the first place (i.e. increased running, my biomechanics, trainers ive been using etc).

  • Hi Warren.

    Right-hand side as I look or the physical right side? That's a left leg, isn't it? Your pain's on the right leg... anyway I *think* I understand, but the diagnosis (well, guess rather than diagnosis) is very different for a small change in angle from front to side. I can't honestly discount any of patella tracking problems, patellar tendinopathy, a meniscal tear or even ITBS. What's more, of the three with which I have personal experience (which excludes meniscal trouble), all could have a pain onset similar to what you've described.

    Sorry, can't honestly help. I'd take it to a physio, probably before shelling out for shoes (and take some advice from a reputable shoe shop when you do).
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