Sandy 10

Have just entered this one by post tonight , spending the last saturday night before xmas entering a few races for 2009.


  • It could get very expensive then image This a nice race, except for the one big hill.
  • Blimey, is this open already?  My first ever race and a must-do every year.  At least the big hill is out of the way just after mile 2, after that it's just a case of relaxing and enjoying the lovely scenery

  • You will be pleased to know that the course has not changed, so you still get the big hill in the first half of the race. But hopefully the donkeys will be out for the second half, for you all.
  • Not done this one before - but as it's local I thought I'd give it a go.

    How bad is the hill at the 2 mile mark ?

    So far got MK half on the 8th March and this. Anyone recommend any other races in Beds / Bucks ?

  • The hill at mile 2 is over the Sandy Hills (Not sure how local you are to the race).

    If you go to Biggleswade AC website ( and go to the Sandy 10 section, there is photos of the course. Photo 4 shows the hill through the trees from the bottom of the hill and  photos 1 and 2 is the actual hill (show in photo 4).

    Hope this helps.image

  • The hill at the start is really not that bad - yes its a hill but there are far worse ones around on other races. And of course its down hill at the 8 ish mile mark just when you might need a little boost on the way back. Its a very well organised race and a great atmosphere.

    I'd love to do this one again as I was a bit off colour last year and I don't feel I gave it my best... but other matters are pressing so I might not make it.

    Still - highly recommended! Enjoy.

  • Hopefully this will be a bit easier than the MK Half at the weekend. Went off too fast, and then came to an alnost standstill in the wind at 8-10 miles !!

    What sort of time are people going for ? I'm hoping to get under the 80 mins mark

  • Oh - I was at MK too. Windy wasn't it!! I think I did the same... HA!

    Tell me how you did at MK and I'll let you know if I think you'll make sub 80 at Sandy!

    I did 1:27 at Sandy last year.... not feeling my best though. I did manage a sub 80 at Welwyn later in the year. I would have said Sandy should be the faster course though,,

  • Grah

    Made it in just over 1.43. Was hoping for an under 1.40, although it was still a pb by about 20 seconds.  

    Aiming for 78 mins - try to set myself a challenge !!

    I'm number 245.

     What other races have you got coming up - was thinking about the Oakley 20, but supposed to be going to the Luton match at Wembley that day (good enough excuse !!). Then got the Flitwick 10k

  • Hi TheClaw. You must have been just ahead in the queue for the medals then - I got 1:45 - I've only been under that once (1:39 at St Neots) so I'm happy given the wind.

    Sandy is a good one but I have to decide on that or the Gade Valley Runners 20 on the same day - the week before Oakley. Apparently I'm doing that one anyway!

    I was plannig to attempt the Shakespear Marathon which is on the same day as the FLM but now can't do it.. so might try the Bungay Black Dog Marathon the week before - same day as Flitwick. Did Flitwick last year - really good race - don't believe what they say about undulations - thems hills in my book.

    Then Watford 10k on May 4th and then my local race (200m from my front door) - the Wheathampstead 10k on May 17th

    Any of those near to you? 

    Phew.. meanwhile, back at the plot.. Sandy 10 is great. They even had beer in the goody bags last year as it was their 10th anniversary.

    It will be a shame if I miss it - really nice course, very freindly

  • Entries for the Sandy 10 are now approaching 500, so please enter soon to avoid disappointment. The race entry limit is 600, and we do NOT accept entries on the day.


  • Do we get a beer at the end again this year Nige?image

  • ... or in the middle in your case Hashette?
  • Unfortunately there is no beer this year, as it was due to the 25th Anniversary of the race last year. Although every runner will recieve goodies, so dont worry, you will recieve some thing. image
  • As a special "one off" I do have one bottle of beer left over from last year's race (the marshals drank the rest!) and so if "Hashette" would like to make themselves known to me at the Race HQ (or let me know their race number), you are welcome to this bottle. We all thought it was a great beer, and it seems to have survived the last 12 months well. And I know how you Hashers like your beer!
  • I still have mine, Nigel, but am saving it in the vain hope that one day it will fetch a huge amount of money at auction ... unless I get any worthwhile offers before then.


  • We now have over 550 entries, so it looks like we will be closing entries in the next few days when we reach our 600 limit. So please enter soon to avoid disappointment.
  • I thought the beer had a best before date of December 2008.
  • Hi all,  My first time at this event.  So, regarding this hill at mile 2, is that pretty much it for the rest of the course and can one then relax and enjoy or are there others to contend with on the course? Thanks.

  • Nope, the one at mile 2 is your lot.  After that it's lovverly
  • There is a bit of a hill on the way back between 8 and 9 miles. But this is the downhill after the hill at  2 miles, so you will know what to expect on the way back to the finish.
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