Lucozade Sport Super Six: Mystic (first-time)

Introducing the sixth member of our Lucozade Sport Super Six… Meg (aka Mystic).

She might not have run a marathon before, but Meg’s bursting with enthusiasm for the challenge ahead. Her primary goal is to finish, but given her current level of fitness, she’s also hoping to go sub-4:30 on her debut.

Meg will be using our sub-4:30 Garmin-ready schedule (devised by former London Marathon winner Mike Gratton) as a basis for her training and will be mentored by Liz Yelling directly on this thread (starting January 5).

She’ll be posting her training progress on a regular basis, and feedback the fuel and hydration advice given to her by the team at Lucozade Sport so make sure you check back regularly to find out how she gets on.

You can read more about Meg’s running background and goals by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Good luck Meg!


  • Congrats on winning the prize Meg image

    I'm sure you will achieve your goal especially with the help of all the excellent guys and gals assembled to help you. 

    All the very best and I look forward to reading all about your training and progress during the coming months! 

  • Hello fellow Super Sixer!
  • Hello Meg! 

    And lets just be ever so clear on this.  You finish behind me, right? image image

  • Thanks all starts here then!!!!

    Now....where is that box of Chistms choccies......!
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭

    Hey Meg - was just scrolling down the list of runners & riders and surprised to see a familiar face.  Good luck, and hopefully catch up with you and Andy after the race.  Am still trying to persuade Big Jon to enterimage

  • Yo Meg. How's life?

    Lay off the choccies and you'll be whizzing along like a whizzy thing on a whizzy day in Whizzland.

    Summat like that anyway. Just don't expect any lucozade stuff from Santa. I've eaten it all.

  • Hi Meg

    how are u super sixer, hope u training hard no chocs

    see u soon


  • Dan,

    hi - good to hear from you - nice piccie!!!! All good here - starting to up the training - a way off your standard though!

    Have a happy Christmas.....see you in 2009.....and if you persuade jon - let me know!! Meg xx
  • Hi Meg.

    How has your training gone over the Christmas period?


  • not too horendous considering!!! Managed a few decent runs this week. Managed to stay off booze except for a glass of champagne on 25th!!! Knee still bit sore but nothing serious. How about you? Did you get my message re:workshops? Meg x
  • No chance of me staying off the booze but I have been far less sloshed than many a year past!!!

    I am nearing the end of a rest week with minimal running. It is hard, I will say no more because then I will think about running and then I will want to go running and then I will get irritable and then......

    I did get your message. You are really kind. The first is a definate no as we are away for that weekend with the family. I haven't decided about the March one yet because that would mean that taking the Bath and Reading Half Marathon's into account then I will be away for three weekends that month and I am not sure that is fair on the family. However I haven't fully chatted it through with Mr C yet and if I do go then you will have a lodger for the night!

    ps - I am great at bedtime stories etc so could be very usefulimage

  • Well done Mystic, 4:30 is where I want to be at Edinburgh so will be following the same schedule as yourself although a little later. 

     Stay positive and keep telling yourself and others that you are a Marathon Runner because you are image

  • Hi Mystic.  I will be closely following you and this thread as FLM will be my first marathon and I would love to do it in 4:30.

  • Andy/ Kelly,

    Thanks for your support - it starts on Monday for all of us - so let's stick this out together!!!Have a great week, Meg x
  • yes - good luck meg. 

    i'm doing my first FLM this year too and will be following this thread and wotsits thread, tho you are both quicker than i expect i shall beimage

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Mystic, just wanted to say before the kick off - good luck & best wishes on this great opportunity.

    Not having done a full marathon before (maybe in 2010) I am looking forward to reading yours posts regarding the physical, mental & (esp) the nutrition sides of training for your 1st marathon.

    Good luck again...

    (I may see finish as I may be helping out in the finishing area this year - finding out soon)

  • pud/ Mr K - thanks for your messages. Will keep you posted!!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Meg x
  • Hello and welcome to Meg’s training blog where I’m going to be helping with some feedback as she works towards this year’s Flora London Marathon.  I will be mentoring Meg whilst she follows the Runners World schedules. I’m hoping I might be able to help with her training and recovery, but also her motivation, mental approach to training and racing.  We’re going to have a good time!
    Right now is not a time for Meg to go mad and start doing huge miles. She’s keen for sure!  She still has 16 weeks, which is a long time.  For the first 4 weeks it is just about getting some routine into your running and keeping fresh for the really hard training phase which should start at the end of January with 12 weeks to go. By this point it’s important to feel motivated towards your marathon training and not exhausted already! Hold back now and reap the rewards of a fitness peak on the 26th April 2009.  
    Meg feels the schedule is much lower on miles for the first few weeks than she is currently used to.  This is perfect given that Meg has just had a rest week, and is getting over a small niggle in her knee.  Building gradually back into your running is important after any sort of time off.  The key is for Meg to be patient, and when the end of January comes around the training will start to kick in. So make the most of these first few easy weeks. Good luck! Liz
  • Congratulations on winning the prize Meg well done. Just wanted to say the best of luck with your training and with Liz mentoring you I'm sure you going to sub 4.30 in your first marathon. It's my first FLM as well so I'll be keeping a close eye on your blog.

  • Meg is doing a slightly longer run at the weekend, as she feels she is slightly ahead of the schedule. So we are extending the suggested 6 miles to a 9 mile run. Sometimes the generic schedules are a great frame work and at times you may find you tweak them slightly here and there. This is fine, as long as you are sensible and don't progress your training too quickly.

    The schedules allow for a perfect progression, however, Meg has been doing 12 mile runs over the christmas period and now we are just holding her back a little until 12 weeks to go!



  • Message heard and understood Liz!!!

     I am sure I am not the only first timer who is super keen to get going......but I promise to be good!!

     Coming back after a bit of a dodgy knee - I have had a quiet week on the running front. Did a gentle 5k on a treadmill on Monday having not run for a week because of my injury. Rested Tuesday, ran 4 miles yesterday (again on the treadmill in case it hurt) - and all seems to be OK. The temptation to go mad is most definitely there - as I have really missed my long runs....I will be chewing the bannisters soon!

    Thanks to all  for your support to other first timers - have a good week and take care on the ice!

    Meg x

  • Good Luck Meg. I'm really looking forward to reading all your posts as Edinburgh in May will be my first marathon and I'm hoping to do about 4:30 too.  I know exactly how you feel about wanting to  get going with the training.  It's difficult to take it slowly, expecially as all you FLM runners are beginning schedules now.

  • Meg is a very keen runner and holding her back will be my main job!

    Being the best runner you can be is all about knowing when to train hard and knowing when to hold back! You have plenty of time for hard training.

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy the long run!

  • Thanks liz - will do ! x
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Holding back - I must remember that too. So easy to go OTT.
  • Horrah!!!!I feel like I am running again!! Went out for said long run this morning - and it was beautiful...slippery.....with a couple of spontaneous can-can high kicks on the ice....but amazing to feel like I was back on my feet. Took it very slowly...which was interesting....and realised how I have got slightly obsessed with my garmin and speed over the past 6 weeks or so.....good job the battery life had run down otherwise I would have had the same problem today.

    So....I have a plan for the week - which has been agreed with if it is of interest here it is....Monday - 4 miles slow; Tues - 6 miles - mix of fast pace, recovery and slow; Weds - rest; Thursday - 4 miles; Fri - rest, sat- 7 miles. Be nice to get a proper week under my belt.

    Trying our some new shoes this week too - Newtons - so will let you know how they go.Meant to increase your running effieciency - which probably means they are a bit too technical for me - but could be a laugh. The idea is that they send energy back up your legs (at least that it was I understood in lay mans terns) so at the risk of po-going around my laps - may well help.

     Anyway - have a great week - Meg x

  • Hi mystic

    You seem 2 be training well one week down 15 to go keep up the hard work c u soon


  • Hi Megsome,

     I thought it was about time I joined up to keep sending you messages of support and to read all about your training... it's very entertaining to hear how you have to hold back on the training / enthusiasm - goodness, I think I should be sending Liz messages of support in THAT mammoth task!!

    I'm very proud of you my small friend and look forward to following the unfolding adventure!

     Poults (in my new guise as SPORT Poults!!). xxxx 

  • How did your session go on Tuesday meg??

  • Liz - All going OK!! Ran on treadmill on Monday and Tuesday this week - partly because I am away on a work course and can't get out in daylight hours and partly so see how the new trainers went....and knee stood up to it. Still feeling a slight weakness behind my knee - but seems to ease up after first half a mile or so - and no pain walking now. A friend of a friend who is a medical therapist has taped it with some fancy pink tape (so I am in trousers all week!), and actually seems to be feeling better.

    Had a day's rest today - and will follow schedule for the rest of the week as planned - probably on treadmill until Friday when I get all OK here. Thanks. x

     Poults - thanks for your posting!!! Got your text today and have spent the afternoon wondering what nonsense you have been up I know!! You are hilarious and tops and brilliant and genius!! Thanks for signing up to a site which is probably your worst nigtmare just to be my mate! Love you! x

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