The Orion 15

Fancy a real challenge? If you fancy an afternoon of ups and downs and probably the hardest and most unforgettable 15 miles you can find in London (and just about anywhere else for that matter) then enter this wonderful historic run. March 21st 2009 awaits - if you are tough enough (but it is great fun - honestly)  image<a href="" title="Quote this message in your own message"></a>


  • When asked what his greatest achievments were,  Ian Thompson the European and Commonwealth Marathon Champion in the 70s said that coming second in the Orion 15 ranked well up there!!
  • Thanks for that - I'll have to try and find out when he did it!

  • ahh 1973.... well it's still going strong and it's just as tough.image

  • Entries starting to flow in nicely - we'll start sending out numbers etc towards the end of January or email me for more info - it's very tough but you won't ever forget it!
  • Just over month to go - not too late to enter image
  • Assuming I remember stamps my entry should be winging its way Essexwards tomorrow. It'll be interesting to do an afternoon race, never tried one before.
  • You will love it...and never forget it (and we will look after you after the race if you are feeling a bit tired...image
  • Cheers ORB. Is there likely to be beer in the vicinity? Purely for medicinal purposes, of course.
  • The club house is at the back of a pub that also does meals. B-)
  • See you there. I know Epping Forest can be lovely but don't know the area very well.
  • Starting to send numbers out this weekend
  • ORB...

    I keep being drawn towards the entry form

  • Have you done it Cookie? It's a fab race......
  • Come on cookie - you could count the hills....image
  • I counted the hills and the mud yesterday

    And got to too many and too much!

    And don't forget I've run in Epping Forest. Twice!

  • So I can look forward to your entry then image
  • just seen this, will be entering for sure
  • Excellent - you won't regret it image
  • Orion Runner Bean wrote (see)
    So I can look forward to your entry then image

    Of course!

  • I sent my entry off yesterday
  • Hi Bob  Have I sent you your number yet?  I am fairly up to date but have decided this stamped addressed envelope lark has its drawbacks. 

    You wouldn't believe the different shapes and sizes that I have received (not to mention the recycle conscious ones who have glued togetehr old envelopes to make a whole!).  I do worry on some whether the postage is enough but I cannot get to the post office for them all.

    Still plenty of time for people to enter  though. 

  • Right, having done a 5k in an aquathlon today have decided I need to do something more me image

    So I must remember to send off my entry. Is it a donation thing again? (or is that a different race image)

  • It's a donation thing again image so much more civilised (look forward to your entry)
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    Ultra AJH, despite your placid -looking  avatar you have the word ultra in your name. Why do I suspect you've done more than 5K on a regular basis? Or is that what you swim?
  • Oh I put ultra there after the first one but am only up to 5 image. I find the O15 a lot harder!

    Am actually going to attempt to swim 5k in the swimathon thing next month and I do believe that I will not ever want to swim any further than that!

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    AJH - If you need to do more miles come and join the some of us D88 at the A20 17.3 mile pathway race the next day. Doug and Scottish Bill are doing both races.
  • Oh! I will think about it, it may be that I need to do bike miles instead.

    No rest for the wicked image

    I have to say, the A20 17.3 mile race is not a name that makes you want to do itimage

  • I sent the entry form yesterday, hope it's not too late.

    I believe the donation is fine, unfortunately I couldn't afford more this month and I have no idea what is the usual amount. Also I have never used the cheque before so I believe everything is fine and correct image

    I am really looking forward to this race.

  • neraly 200 entries.... shhhh but we will accept entries on the day...
  • Thats good, the chances of me, a cheque, 2 envelopes and 2 first class stamps being in the same place at the same time is remote.....image
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