The Orion 15



  • Orion runner Bean

    Sorry, have been on holiday. Yes got my number (86) I'm sure I sent a decent sae with it. image

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Ultra AJH  - It would be good ultra training doing the two races.
  • Yep, not good IM training though.......
  • and it's Mothers Day
  • Hi Bob - it has been quite enlightening seeing the different shapes and sizes of sae's that have come my way. Some are so large I could fit the kitchen sink in and for at least one I have had to fold the number in half. Hope you enjoy it anyway.
  • Can I check that entries are available on the day? Not convinced Royal Mail will deliver my entry by the closing date otherwise. I did a race entitled Tough Ten recently although this sounds an altogether 'Tougher' 15.
  • Yes but if you email me the form in advance it would help with the compilation of the results image
  • What shoes are best??

    Spikes, trainers or off road ( studs)


  • I might wear trail shoes, though I am fairly sure I have worn road before with no probs...... if it stays dry this week it should be fine.

    Right, I am sending my form 1st class tomorrow.

  • I was looking to get trail shoes, as I don't fancy running 15 miles in my studs with no cushioning, but on current conditions I may just go with my road shoes.
  • Off road or trail are best - spikes are fine but 15 miles is tough on spikes - normal shoes are ok but it can be boggy
  • I will wear studs for what it is worth image
  • Having just finished Brentwood Half with a PB I feel the urge to do something stupid image

    Put me down on the list ORB!  

  • Will be trying for a reasonable time (for me) in the Orion 15, doing the A20 Pathway the next day as a lsr ....... some loose talk at my club persuaded me that it was a good idea to do both, I am not totally convinced, but find it difficult to resist a challenge..... I am hoping for rain, rain and more rainimage
  • I would like to enter on the day. What time should i arrive by?

    I was going to do the A20 Pathway, but have been banned as it is Mother's Day!

  • All numbers sent out. Some entries arrived yesterday and they will be asked to collect number on the day. If you think you should have received a number and have not then please email me.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    RS - you don't need much persuading image
  • If I dont get one tonight when I get in I will assume I have to pick it up on the day.
  • Well I did get it so good.

    See you tomorrow!

  • As this week has been dry just wondered if anybody knew the state of the course ? -  not sure which type of shoes to wear, trainers or studs?

  • Sorry I don't know and have that decision to make myself so will have both with me. Lovely day for it image
  • Poo... image

    Can't even run for the bus at the moment

    Having witnessed Epping Forest on a dark, grey, cold, wet November afternoon I was looking forward to seeing it in the spring

    Good luck everyone

    Yes, there is always next year image

  • Not to mention the fell race later in the year image
  • Did you enjoy the champagne at the finish?
  • Was too late but I enjoyed the race, thanks to everyone who made of possible.
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    Too late for champagne too but a cracking run nevertheless.

    ORB - nicely located clubhouse and great organisation. Please extend my thanks to the heroic marshalls taking on the motorists of Essex on all those road crossings. 

  • Very nice race, really challenging. I knew Epping Forest is undulating but where did they find so steep hills image?

    Definitelly will go again next year hoping for a different weather. This time I used my road trainers, my studs are waiting image

    I'd like to thank organisers for a superb race and for the promt placing of the results on internet.

  • thanks Helly d i was one of those marshalls the motorists were very considerate, bar one in a silver hyundai coupe i think. Evasive action was required as he floored it hurling abuse at everyone. Apart from that was a good day i hope to run it next year.
  • Maybe we should have more champagne next year...............
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