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  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    Bean when you run as slow as I did, you dont get champagne!! Ha ha that'll teach me, don't know what happened out there on saturday but was I slow!!

    Bill actually told the marshalls to pack up and I was still out!

    told you I was slow......

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    James P - I think I heard that, having recently made it across in to the forest on the other side.

    ORB - champagne is always good but so is the location of your clubhouse. If you get turfed out of there here's hoping your new one is as good.

     And another good thing I forgot to mention - small numbers! As a small female I hate trying to attach a large papery thing to my frontage. 

  • Hi folks.  Just in case you are interested we are introducing a series of smaller races on Saturday mornings in the summer....

    Hope to see you all there.  Email me if you need more info or just look on the site!


    ORB (Andrew)

  • Have just posted my entry for this years race
  • Mine will be through shortly once I have assembled the requisite papery things.
  • Hi

    Can any locals let us know what the terrain is like i.e. should I get some trail shoes or will regular running shoes be ok?


  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    SB - usually ORB can be counted on to respond but presumably he's busy organising.

    I did this last year in similar weather, though if it rains all the way through Thursday / Friday it may get somewhat squelchier. The terrain is tracks (some quite narrow) through forest and some field / grassy areas, there are  muddy bits in both but no real quagmires. The only roads are briefly crossed in the face of Essex motorists. There are  ups and downs though none are too long.  IMO it can be done in road shoes, particularly if dry., though you may get  a bit muddy. Depends really on whether you are planning more off road events where trail shoes might be an investment.

  • Can I enter this event on the day - the information suggests no but I noticed earlier posts in this forum suggested that on the day entries would be accepted. I was holding out to see what the weather would be like and missed the postal entry date :>(
  • Are there any water stations en route or will I need to bring my own to carry?


  • SB - there's one drinks station, around mile 9

    Early? bird - if you talk nicely to ORB I'm sure he'll take entries on the day

    I was out in the forest last weekend and most of the rides were firm and dry, but the course isn't all on the rides!

    Orion being Orion there's guaranteed to be some squidgy bits, if not I'm asking for my donation back!

     see you all there

  • any update on suggested footwear for tomorrow guys ??
  • cant believe there is only one drinks station at mile 9!
  • There's only one water station mentioned on the directions but I haven't done this one before so I don't know if its on one of the bits where the course loops back on itself.

    Oh, and don't forget the pub at the start/finish...

    For what its worth I'm going for studs - its already a bit damp and more rain forcast for tonight/tomorrow. Hopefully lots! image

  • I'm coming from Leighton Buzzard and dont know the area at all - will there be someone/signposts to direct us where to park?
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    SB - signposting unlikely, particularly as runners aren't allowed to park in the Royal Forest car park. Parking is recommended in nearby roads including Bury Road. The Orion Harriers website has a bit more information  including a map link

    The Royal Forest Hotel, at the back of which  you will find the start, is a whopping great half-timbered pub / hotel on Rangers Road approximately 10 minutes very straightforward walk from Chingford station so if you aim for Chingford you can't go too far wrong. Bury Road is even nearer the station.

     I seem to recall 2 water stations last year but it is cups  not bottles so you may want to bring some of of your own if you think you need more hydration. 

     I'm going for my light, not overly grippy trail shoes cos I'm saving the road shoes for the Hastings half on Sunday image

  • Thank you for all answering questions I failed to answer - sorry about that. If they let me I will take the entries next year and though we have to confirm the date it is usually 3rd week in March. We have had to change it before so don't plan a wedding around it just in case. If you want me to email you the entry form as soon as I have the date then ping me an email anytime and I will put you on a list! Having read some of the comments we are so pleased you all enjoyed (?) yourselves because that is all that really matters. The donations are great of course but first and foremost is we want you to experience a classic traditional cross country race and leave us with good memories. Thanks again and see you all next year if not before. Andrew
  • Thanks for all your efforts ORB, and to any other unidentified orionites!

    I appreciate a bit more what goes into it after shambles of a race yesterday!

    How was training? You still dizzy?!

  • Looks like it is the 19th March next year (2011). Haven't done the form or the RW stuff yet but feel free to adapt the one from 2010 if you want to get in early! Still me at 224. Cheers Andrew
  • Entry form on the website NOW! Enter now and you can look forward to it all Winter.
  • ...oohh first ones received already...well to actually
  • Three now! They're flooding in!
  • If you have sent me your entry (and now I have lots) I will send out email confirmations at the start of January.
  • I have sent out email confirmations to all entrants (unless received in last 2 days). Let me know if you have entered and I have not emailed you. Cheers Andrew
  • What is the cut-off time?
  • Hi Tracey - it's 90 minutes for 9 miles. There's quite a long explanation on the website if you want to have a read. You're quite an experienced runner so I am sure you will understand. It is a pretty tough course so it not an easy 90 minutes! Hope to see you!
  • ORB - Not that fast off-road image
  • Oh what a shame. Are you sure? Have a think and if you want to try we will look after you if you have to cut it short.
  • ORB - I might have nightmares after doing the Jog Shop Jog 20 and getting lost and missing the cut off. Will have to go back and do that one as I have issues with it. I did the Essex XC with my club in December 2009 and finished 2 from last, thou I was trying to walk round the mud.
  • ah mud and puddles - don't you just love them?
  • ORB - I don't do mud and puddles. I hated Beachy Head marathon in 2009, it was horrid.
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