The Orion 15



  • Many thanks.

    I loved the Orion Cross Country race in the Essex League which were seriously muddy this year. Based on the heavy rain forecast on Friday I would say that the going will be very soft to liquid mud !

  • @orb  looking forward to it, even though the forecast is now for, er, snow... one key question - are there are any water stations on the route...need to know whether to bring water bottle(s) or not!

  • assuming it's the same as previous years the water station is just after the 9 mile mark and I think  you pass it again at about 12

  • A club mate suggested I would need either a gel or a small bottle of water at about 4.5 miles otherwise I might be flagging by the time I got to 9 even given the weather forecast.

  • The race is on should (we use straw etc.) anyone be checking. The trail set last night has been nicely covered up by snow so we are frantically relaying it while the snow continues to fall. If you can get there then there will be a race for you!
  • Myles - a small bottle of eater might be an idea if you think you need it.
  • ...that was of course 'water'
  • What a cracking race ! Thanks to all the marshall and organisers who still got the race on despite the challenging conditions. Well done Orion.

  • superb race...tough, but fair and great atmosphere...will definitely be back next year! thanks to ORB and all involved with making this happen, even in Arctic conditions!

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