Garmin 405 ant stick

New pressie not working,

during software installation when requested to insert ant stick into USB slot computer does not acknowledge it? All other USB devices work on this pc.

Any ideas



  • If you plug it in without running the software does the computer acknowledge that it's there and try to find a driver for it?  If not then the ANT stick probably isn't working.  Try it on another computer.
  • Tok me ages to get mine to work- -there's a whole thread on Garmins= there's a spcific 405 thread- I managed to figure it out after reading (most of ) that! Good luck! - it's great once you get it working. I think in the end it was something simple like I had to plug the stick in BEFORE switching on the computer, dunno.
  • I sometimes have this problem, the way I get around it is to connect the ANT stick then restart the laptop, upon restart the laptop recognises the ANT stick and everything works fine.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks guys,

    Will try that! 


  • I sometimes have to move the Antstick to a different USB socket and then it works fine.
  • Got it sorted now, I needed to enable the device (bit thick I know) .

    Is there anything this thing doesn't do??

    Bit scarey knowing something out there is plotting your every move!

    Happy running Garminites

    A happy FC!

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