Calf - pulled muscle

Damn -- I pulled a calf muscle yesterday, and next week is supposed to be the start of my 16 weeks of Boston training. I don't think it's a particularly bad one, but I doubt I'll be doing much running for the next week or two.  I've been doing much more hill running and speed work than I've ever done, and I guess this put the extra strain on it. I'll aim to get it seen to over the next few days but in the meantime, does anyone have an idea how long this might take to heal? As I said, I'm hoping it's not too severe. It was bad enough to make me suddenly pull up when it happened, and I was able to get ice on it within an hour or so, and I've been able to rest it since then, with periodic re-icing, all of which has helped. I'm able to walk on it though I notice some discomfort when putting weight on it.  I wonder when I might be able to do some light gym work? And when I might run again? 


  • I'm no expert, but I think there are three severities of calf strain.  Grade one is a strain with minimun tearage,  probably takes about two to three weeks healing. 

    Grade two is what I had about a year ago, a proper tear.  I felt like someone had whacked me on the calf and I suddenly couldn't put any weight on it.  I couldn't run on it for five weeks, after seven I was nearing full movement on it, although it was still a little stiff..

    Grade three is a major tear which can require surgery and will keep you out for weeks if not months.

    Sounds like you may have a grade two.  Do keep up the 'RICE' and don't be tempted to run too soon, you could make it worse just when you think it's getting better. 

    If it helps, I found that I could ride a bike normally after just one week, thus keeping my core fitness up.  Riding didn't seem to use the part of the calf that I tore.  Mind you getting on and off was difficult!   

  • Thanks. I've read about the 3 grades of calf injury, and was kinda hoping it was number 1 rather than 2.

    24 hours on, I can still feel it, though I can't say it's actually painful -- just a little sensitive. I can't feel any physical bumps or similar in the calf (though admittedly I don't know what I'm looking for). I need to get to a physio ASAP I guess. In the meantime, if I am going to be off the road for a few weeks, if I'm able to keep working on my fitness in the gym, that will be a major help. 

  • Sounds like a 1 to me judging by your post above. I think you are right. Get down to a Fiz ASAP. You will feel a hard knot in the muscle when you self massage. The fiz will tell you the extent of the damage and regulate your stetching and strenthening exercises. I did mine last Feb and can still feel it when its cold (or I'm cold and don't warm up properly).

    Good luck. Not good timing. Swimming might be good x training as well as the bike. (no, I'm not trying to recruit you into the darkside) image
  • Roughly you're looking at 3 weeks healing for a grade I tear, 6-8 for grade II and 12 for grade III

    Ice, compress, elevate

    Keep CV conditioning going with cycling if pain-free

    Get to physio for proper diagnosis

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