Wilmslow To Host England Half Marathon Championships

Maybe I shouldn't worry, but as a plodder and a half marathon virgin, it does scare me a bit that there'll now be even more super speedy runners at Wilmslow image

Or will there be just the same ones, I ummed and arrred for ages before plucking up the courage to enter and now I'm worried they'll be even more snooty if I don't manage my hoped for under 2 hours.


  • Whoa there, I wouldnt worry too much; there'll be 000's of runners there, and out of those, there'll be 20 max with aspirations to win the English championships, and they'll be off the front somewhere. I am sure you will be in good company all the way round though, and at 2 hours predicted finsihing time, you certainly won't be last home! My advice would be - do the training & have an enjoyable day outimage
  • Alan is right.  Bristol hosted the HM champs in 2007.  I had the good (or bad) fortune to run almost exactly the same time both then and this year and there was precious little difference between my finishing positions (although yes, 2008 was the year I finished nearer the front).

    Edit: actually, I've just rechecked, and bizzarely my lady's placing was better in 2008 but my overall placing was worse, so lots of fast men ran this year!  What do you know?!!

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