Rest Time Between Marathons

I'm planning on running at least two marathons this coming year, anyone know what the sort of recovery time needed between each one should be?

I did the Robin Hood last year and was able to run a 10k race a fortnight later, but if I recall I only actually ran once before it and my legs weren't having any running before it.

I've heard 26 miles should mean 26 days taking it easy, is that right?

I'm down for the Blackpool Marathon at the beginning of April but was wondering when I should realistically consider doing another, possilbly the Windermere on 17th May. I like to have the next race booked before I do a race, to give me something to aim for and not allow myself to give up!



  • Everyone's difference mate depending on there own training, age and how hard or mental they are. Personally plan on a month between marafuns. But know folks who can't cope without 6 weeks off before they start training again for the next one.

    So basiclly go for it son and if it hurts to much you know for next time. image

  • It depends on whether you're after a time at both or treating the first as a long training run.

    Shortest time I've left between marathons is 20 mins image

  • Well at Disneyland in 2010 i intend to run a half marathon and then a full the next day. So should probably get used to it!


  • I believe that most distance running is between your ears. If you put the training in there is no reason why you should not run two marathons fairly close together. When I was younger and running well my second marathon 5/6 weks after my first gave me a PB on three occasions
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