New Forest 10

I last did this in 2005 when the temperatures were in the mid 30c. Not been able to do this race since then. Looking forward to doing it with my friends from the Sub 5hr FLM thread.


  • Ooh, a thread started already, Tracey! Temperatures were quite reasonable last year, and I got a PB, so fingers crossed.........................
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Ran this event this year (08) as my 1st 10 miler - what a GREAT race image

    Will keep space open in diary for this one.

  • Diana - my crap photo on here is the one at end of the NF10 just after getting horse brass etc. Have those toilets improved since 2005?
  • I've entered so count me in!

  • Love this race - did it last year but was 3 months pregnant at the time so hoping for a slightly faster time in 2009!
  • Thinking about this one but what puts me off is the summer weather and such a late start.......
  • Roobs - what summer?
  • Roobarb - do you mean late time of the day the race starts?

    I'm keen to sign-up to the NF10, having done the Great South last year, but I havent been able to find out on-line what time is starts, can you fill me in?


  • Start is 11.15 which is an improvement on a couple of years ago when it was noon.  And, no sorry but the loos weren't any better in 2008 !!
  • Hi again, Tracey G - I've entered this!  image
  • Hello Dalya.

    MR - the race starts at 11.15am. When I first did it in 2005 the race started at 12.45pm. It was about 35c, after feed back they changed the time to what it is now. Be aware there is not much shade in this half marathon. It is a lovely race and well worth doing thou.

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

     And there's ponies and highland cattle!

    I like the late start as it gives me time to get there. Then again there is a campsite opposite.

    Dalya - I didn't see you at the doyen but I might meet you on this one. 

  • I've just signed up for this but can't get any information from the NF10 web site? Anyone on the forum from the NF runners as the website is so very last year!

    Might just make a weekend of it and use the camp sites, looking forward to it already.

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    Markymark, I'm not NF but I think there's little difference from year to year. What do you need to know?
  • Very kind helly d,

    it was more of a general enquiry but more specifically if there is much for the family to do whilst we are on our jaunt. Also, if the course is flat and PB material or more of an 'enjoy the sights' type of run?

  • Mark - This race is not flat, but from memory after the hill at 3 miles the rest is not too bad and my friend who lives in the NF has got pb's on the course. The last time I did it was 2005 and besides the kids race, bouncy slide and food stalls that was it, but I think they have improved it over the years. I am sure someone will come along and give you more imformation. This race sold out quickly the year that I did it, so don't take too long thinking about it.
  • I do this race every year and have just entered today.
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    Tracey's fairly spot on re things for the family to do but even though the start/finish is in an unspectacular field the area is beautiful and if you are camping you'll get more of a chance to check it out.

    The course itself is relatively flat, what I'd call genuinely undulating  rather than hilly disguised as undulating if that makes any sense. Some is on forest trails, some on roads through heath and forest areas. Scenic but can get hot on a calm day as there's little wind and you are often sheltered by forest. Not a PB for me but not that much slower.

  • Just entered again this year....loved it last year!
  • Fat Fyes - We get  a reunion image  We will have to meet up at the start image
  • Need a mid-year training incentive .... the NF 10 sounds just the ticket ... I'm in and applied today.

     Good luck everyone.

  • Hi,

    Good to see so many familiar faces lining up for this one, and so early!!

    In answer to a few of the queries that have been raised: -

    Toilets: Even more Portaloos are on the way this year (Tracey G – that’s 3 times as many toilets as in 2005) although I suspect that there will still be complaints about there not being enough toilets.

    Race start times: -
    10:00 ½ mile fun run
    10:30 1 mile fun run
    11:15 New Forest 10
    11:25 3 mile fun run

    The usual entertainments will be available, magician for the kids during the main event, bouncy slide, ice cream van etc … There’s also the ½ mile, 1 mile and 3 mile fun runs to tire out the family.

    The race is on the south coast in the middle of summer, consequently the weather is usually hotter than a snakes ar$e in a wagon rut. Bring your sunscreen and a hat and please remember there is no shade in the start/finish field or upon most of the course. This does seem to surprise people every year – even when it isn’t particularly hot!

    In answer to the PB hounds: The course is predominantly on gravel tracks, which are just not as fast as running on tarmac. There are no hills just a couple of short inclines. If it’s sunny (which it usually is!) the heat can be very tiring. That said plenty of people do seem to have their PB on this course, so I guess it depends on the conditions you run best in/on. I think I’ve hit the age where PB’s are just distant memories and so enjoying the scenery and atmosphere of a race is enough for me – how sad is that!

    I look forward to seeing you all there and reading your post-race reports here. Have a good race.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    Fat Kid at the Back

    You are right about no shade in the Forest. More loos image The Sub 5hr FLM are having a get together at this race image Even talked a club mate into coming down and camping in the New Forest. Looking forward to this more than FLM. Just hope hubby doesn't want to do a 10 mile bike ride in the forest the day before.

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    I'm beginning to be tempted by the camping idea even though I normally come down on the train. Does everyone normally camp on the site opposite?
  • 3 in a row for me but then it's my local !

    Great run,well organised,  good facilities, nice prizes, even nicer people !!

    All in an lovely part of the world but hey, I'm biased some of us have to live here!

    Think it's been said but no big hills, a couple of gentle inclines, real horses, real hairy cattle with great big horns on. Can be warm but then it is July. Great big campsite opposite the entrance and short hop from mainline rail station in Brockenhurst (Waterloo - Weymouth)

    Come on down. image

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    forestplodder -  I am so looking forward to this race, Waited 4 years to do this race again.
  • Hey Tracey...a reunion it is...and I'm toying with the idea of talking Mr FF to camp over night!!! He's a bit of a posh git so may have to get him drunk first image

    I ran this race last year only two minutes slower than my subsequent GSR, which is flat as a pancake.  Fat kid, I think you're right.  I run much better on mud and track than pavements and usually overtake the skinny speedy girls in my club the moment we change the terrain. 

    The entertainment for the rest of the family at this race is superb making it a great day out for the whole family...whether they like it or not image

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Hi Fat Fyes. Just see a photo of Bernard at the 2005 race. We have our photos on our screen saver.
  • Oh dear now look what you all made me do......I've gone and entered my first 10k

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Legs in Pain - this is not a 10k race but a 10 mile race. Don't worry thou it took me over 2hrs to do in 2005.
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