Joggers trots!

Since having my first child 1 year ago I do not seem to be able to run for more than 40 mins without needing to dive into a near by bush and relieve myself. I have tried imodium instant relief tablets but they do not seem to do the trick and I am running the GNR next month and would really like to complete it without having to stop a couple of times. Any ideas?


  • It ia amazing how many times this subject comes up on fourms. For years I thought I was the only one who suffered from this problem. It is a case of trying out different foods and drinks and when you consume them. Caffeine can cause the trots, bananas too soon before a run do it to me, sports drinks, milk, too much fibre are all causes, dehydration another. You need to experiment. I can't eat within 3-4 hours of running, which means I can get pretty hungry when running long distances. Immodium do the trick for me, but I still always run with a little packet of tissues tucked into my shorts!!! You are not alone with this problem, believe me, but unfortunately there is no known cure.
  • Riuned my run this am despite a prophylactic trip to the loo before
    Only managed 20 mins before I had to sprint home
    Flippin annoying!!
    Im going to ask one of my gastro colleagues about this
  • Hi all,
    I sometimes have this problem (had it today, but luckily had just about finished my run..just in time to rush into the toilet!!!!. But for most of this evening I have had stomach pains (like I'm going to have the diarrohea). For me, I don't think it's related to what I've eaten before running, as it can happen if I've not eaten anything at all!! I only get it if I'm doing a long run (long run for me is 6 miles..) - if I stick to shorter runs, I'm fine... dunno why!!!
    Michelle x
  • Ugh , who would???
  • Like FF bananas really do it for me, and mixing coffee with bananas is explosive. I'm now wondering whether my lycra shorts are responsible as they press quite hard on the lower guts and increase the pressure down below. Last weekend I had to run 2 - 3 miles with the problem before finding a WC in a shopping centre - I couldn't dive behind a bush as it was a residential area - and then was nearly thrown out by the security guard. Not sure if there's any known cure, we need V-rap on this thread!
  • I know exactly what you mean SY3 about pressure on the lower gut. I have a drinks bottle holder that does the same to me. I don't bother using it anymore on long runs, I just shove a couple of quid in my pocket and buy a drink instead.
  • SY3 - as I write, your picture hasn't appeared!
  • FF - I do the same. Last week though the shop really fouled up and I don't know if I can go in there again. There was a woman in front of me who had left some purchases on the counter - a large bottle of milk, an even larger bottle of fabric conditioner, and a Sun. She was hovering by the card stand, near the till. Well, I plonked my bottle of yuk isotonic goo on the counter. Assistant thought that the first lot of stuff was mine and rung it up on the till. Did I really look like I needed fabric conditioner? Washing powder maybe... so the first customer had to curtail her browsing of the b-day cards and pay so assistant could ring up my poison. All my fault, of course, presumably I was going to use the Sun to wipe my bottom when I had the trots. Ecco! - I knew I'd find a way to link the two!!

  • This picture thing definitely ain't doing the business so I'm going to complain.
  • ...and now it has, you can hardly see it. Am going to try again.

    Anyway - the loperamide did it - no trots on Saturday - hallelujah!! I took 2 Boots Diareze with magic effect. Plus I dared to go into the shop again as there was a different assistant on. This time I put the Powerade on the counter, paid my 89p (I later discovered it's 69p in Safeway) - only to be asked, 'do you need a bag for that?' Is it me?
  • theirs nothing like a good bag after a long run.
  • "Runners Trots"...What a joy huh? I was afflicted by them on my first marathon, "The Potteries" @ 17 miles it hit me, total nightmare, when I ran out of convenient facilities en route( somewhere there is a petrol station attendant who remembers me crashing in wheezing "Toilet.." ) I was forced to hide behind a scrubby privet hedge in a public park with my shorts around my ankles as old ladies walked their poodles past..Like I said, nightmare. I swear, If my running partner(who said she would "Run her own Race regardless..") hadn't stuck with me, I would have quit around that point.No magic answer I'm afraid, but I did london without problems..Go figure..hope you beat it, if not you're in good company. Happy Running!
  • Hi.
    Think you may have answered your problem as I was going to recommend Boots Diareze to you. For some reason they work better than other stuff. I've used them mainly for long distance and they work better than a cork!
  • I've found I have to have that shot of coffee or a cup of tea a good 90 minutes before the start of the run or race, go for a brisk walk to bounce the internals around and then go up and down the stairs once or twice. This seems to do the trick with stimulating the old movement & I can flush it all out before heading out for real.

    Still it's always worth having a few sheets of loo roll folded up in a bit of cling film so you can stuff it in your running shorts key pocket. I've been caught short before!!
  • I presume you mean stuffing the loo roll in clingfilm into your key pocket, or are you saying that runners caught short should follow the example of considerate dog owners?
  • Depends I suppose if you've been practising those side leg raises.
  • Well, I was thinking it could provide a handy weapon for dealing with tailgaters (see other thread).
  • Loo roll!!! - moss and leaves - bio-degradable and one of the essential joys of running. One of the great pleasures of running as a group is scatalogical conversations relating to dumps past. One of the greatest athletic achievements I witnessed was Jon Solly running sub 30 for 10k at Silksworth in Sunderland with a mid race diversion to the graveyard to lighten his load. My best was the Cardiff half, again in the mid 80's, having reached the point of not return in an urban area, to invite myself in to an obviously houseproud old lady's semi running up the stairs, pebble dashing her bog, rendering the house a bio-hazard and re-joining the race (1:18 in the end I think). My other abiding memory, thinking I had found a quiet spot on the banks of the River Wear one day to let loose, doing so with great relief, and then noticing the angler five yards away -time for a sharp exit! Definitely one of running's real pleasures.
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