Good Shampoo after swimming

I swim couple of times a week in my local pool, and my hair shampoo still leaves my hair feeling like straw.  Recommendations please.


  • Try L'Oreal kids swimming shampoo.  The bottle is blue and orange, shaped like a fish.
  • I think if it's to improve the 'straw' feeling, rather than just to get rid of the chlorine smell, then you need to be a bit girly and get conditioner.  Sorry!

    I have recently taken up swimming, and used to use Tesco's own brand and it was fine - but as you say, the swimming has started to knacker it.  I've started using Trevor Sorbie 'Repair' shampoo and conditioner.  I leave the conditioner in for a few minutes, particularly when washing hair straight after swimming, and it's really helped.  If you can brave the girly shampoo aisle in Boots there are loads of different types - look for stuff for damaged and/or dry hair, or anything that says something like 'repair' etc.  You can also get specific conditioner things that you are only meant to use occassionaly (?once a week or something) and will give your hair a deep condition.

    Hope this helps, although I'm sure more experienced swimmer's will have better things to add.
  • Boots own Swim shampoo range - some with built in condioner works for me
  • Do a Duncan - Shave it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used wash and go when i was younger - it worked - it's gone !!

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