URWFRC vests

Last thread I saw said there'd been a delay and they wouldn't be going out pre-FLM. Just wondered if there was any news on when they'll be coming??

I've got races coming up and want to 'come out' as a Forumite, instead of sneakily trying to spot others.


  • Coming out eh ??? We've got your cards marked matey !!

    Good point - is mine there yet ? Is it ? Huh ? Huh ? Huh ? Huh ? Is it there ? Huh ?

  • Boing.

    C'mon Foxy or Swiss Bobby, give us an official word - even if it's 'dunno'.

    Cougie, I was getting claustrophobic in the closet.
  • Hi everyone.

    I can update you on this. I will be dispatching the kit on Saturday so it should be with you all for Monday.

  • Ah three woof's for DW
  • Got any left over coz Im a pillock and ordered late DW.

    Got lots of things coming up and dont want to have to mug another Forumite for their clothing if at all possible.
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Is it a very elite club?
  • Not if they let me in!!!!!!!!
  • DW & Foxy - we love ya !!!
  • There are some spares, but it depends what you want. We'll publish what is left over early next week and then it'll be first come (and paid!), first served on the website.

  • Hoorah!!

    Cheers DW and Foxy, organising all this must be a nightmare!!
  • Psssst SB - couldn't you get your factories to rustle some up for us ?

    We could make it worth their while - what a run of about, oooh 20 or even 30 tops ? ;-)
  • Smitch your in the club just by posting here. Get over to www.URWFRC.org and register then order your kit and wear it with pride at your next event so we know who you are!
  • Smitch,

    You'll need to register on the URWFRC website first to become a member. Then you can order kit to your heart's content!!!

    Hurrah and Huzzah!!!

  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Cheers Dog Walker, will do!
  • Cougie, we generally have minimums of 1200, how long d'you think that would last us??
  • what's the url for the site
  • Ashley gave it four postings back Johnny !www.URWFRC.org

    Lend us the Aston for the weekend, please ??

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