Strength Training and Stretching Book Recommendations?

Hello All,

My first post so please treat me gently. I'm sure the information I want is on here somewhere but I'm having trouble finding it.

Using the recommendations on this site I started walking/jogging last November as part of a weight loss initiative. I have progressed to running for 20-40 minutes every other day and briskly walking for 40-80 minutes in between. It's working. I've managed to lose a stone so far and have at least one more to go.

I now want to introduce strength training and some more comprehensive stretching into my exercise programme. Even though I'm sure the required information is buried across loads of articles and threads on this site, I would like to buy two really good books on the subjects.

1. What is the definitive book on strength training using your own body weight or dynabands? I specifically want to condition my upper body and core. I also want some specific quadricep strengthening exercises to mitigate against my tendency to injure my knee due to weakness there. I want to be easily able to do all this when I travel.

2. What is the definitive book on stretching?

Many thanks in advance for your replies.

Best regards,

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