Sacro Iliac Pain


I have read through a few articles on this website and other related sites and am pretty convinced that I have a problem with my SIJ joint  /  surrounding structures. I experience pain on right PSIS, right groin and occasionally posterior right leg nerve pain particularly when I run and bear weight on my right leg when striding forward. Similarly I experience the same symptoms but worse when I cross country ski - again with my right leg forward in a weight bearing position. If I jump but equally land on two feet there is no problem and if i hop on the affected leg but maintain an upright posture with gluteals activated and trunk extended I do not experience pain. However if I attempt to hop forward on the right leg or any other direction other than directly up / down I experience the same pain. This is replicated if I attempt a lunge position with the right leg forward.

From this evidence it seems that when the right SIJ is in a position of torsion and anteriorly tilted it is not supported correctly and perhaps hypermobile. I have undertaken typical SIJ tests such as the Gaelsens and Fabers test(s) which prove positive findings on my right side - ie pain on psis, medial buttock area and right groin. However I have not found anyone who can properly diagnose my concerns and give me the correct set of exercises. I feel I need to strengthen the area and perhaps do this by mimicking the position I experience pain - ie when the right leg is bearing weight and slightly abducted from the left (in stride position). There are many differential diagnoses for this type of pain but with the information I have recieved I believe it the SIJ is involved and is the main cause of pain. Please can someone suggest something I am bored of swimming and want to get back to running.

 Many thanks Ben


  • Hi Ben,

    I had a stress fracture of S.I.J in Feb last year. I went to see loads of specialists, chiropracters etc and only got diagnosed after beggin for a scan { which I had to pay for }. After a total cost of around £1000 and 3 months of messing around seeing different doctors the upshot was that they couldn't really do anything to help anyway. The initial crack in the bone had healed, but I was left with nerve and muscle damage, which was mostly sciatic type pain {nerve twitching etc}

     The way I dealt with this was to wait until the chronic pain subsided then slowly start back. I also did an awful lot of stretches specifically for the lower back and strengthening excercises, to try and make the muscles of my lower back stronger. Some nerve and muscle pain still was present until August but I have none now and am back to running about 35 miles a week.

    I am not saying that yours is a stress fracture, but that area takes a long time to settle down after an injury due to the amount of nerves around it.

    Maybe just try to see someone because apparently sometimes the S.I.J becomes jammed and traps the sciatic nerve and a chiropracter/osteopath can unjam it which will quite quickly relieve the symptoms.

    Good luck

  • Hi Ben,

    Back in June last year, i experienced a reacurrance of SI joint problems which first gave me grief playing rugby 10 years ago. I immediately went to see a local chiropractor who confirmed my worries after the usual tests and manipulated the SI joint back for me. I still am going every 6 -8 weeks at the moment.

    As with Weiner Dog, I can thoroughly recommend stretching and strengthening of the area (a decent chiropractor will provide you with these) it is now 7 months since the injury, i still feel slight discomfort when running and have to really warm up and down correctly to protect the area, especially in the groin and glutes as this is the area that causes havoc with the nerve damage. It took me 3 months before i could even hit the road again and manage a mile... but it will get easier given time and patience, just dont try to do to much to quick.

    hope all goes ok Steve

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