Bikey people...

Just after a bit of advice really as I really do know naff all about bikes!

I have stupidly decided to do the Vit this year so will be clocking up the miles on the bike this year. I seem to have a bike that's too big for me so I think I am going to buy a new women's specific one... the only thing is, I have NO idea what I'm looking for...

I went to my LBS JEJames earlier and chatted to a lovely guy about bikes and they have a range of women's specific bikes but as I am crap with tech-y stuff I really didn't understand it all very well so I'm after a bit of advice on the ones they have and which one people think would suit me... and whether it's a good price for the spec etc.

Please help!

They have:

Trek 1.2

Specialized Dolce Elite

Specialized Dolce 08

Specialized Dolce 09





  • Sorry to disappoint, KK....
  • Haven't got the time to click on all the links, but generally I'd rule out the DOlce 09 as the older model 08 will always be better value than the current one. 

    Depending on your particular proportions (height, leg, spine) then you may or may not be better with a woman's frame.  The womans specific bit is normally not the size that's changed, but the proportions between seat height and reach.  In many ways get hte reach right and you can normally sort the rest with just a bit more or less seatpost showing.  Other things they may do is include a womens specific saddle (essential) narrower bars (likely to be narrower on a small size 'mens' bike anyway) and very occasionally spec short reach levers (which means speccing the low end model anyway as they are the only shimano ones in a girlies size, campy may differ).

    In summary, work out what you can afford, get fitted in a shop that knows what they are doing, and buy the one that feels best for you.  Really you'll not get a dog from any of those.  I tend to place most 'weight' on the quality of the shifters and chainset, ignore the rear derailer as that's dirt cheap in all specs and is often upgraded as a 'trick'. 

  • take uncle chewy with you he is local and bikey
  • Otherwise teat ride all of th4em and buy theone that feels right - I did and rode bikes form 3 different shops
  • "Teat ride"??  And you thought it wouldn't be about bike sex, shame on you....
  • tsk - I never use bike porn I have you know - twas the though of uncle chewy that made my typing all of a flutter
  • I cant add a lot more to what D74 has said, other than the cranks on a womens specific bike maybe shorter too?

    All of the above bikes are pretty near to each other on spec and price, id say youd not go far wrong with any of them.  As we always say the key is to try a few bikes that may suit you and settle on the one which feels the most comfortable.  Ultimately its not the spec or whether a bikes women specific which will make the difference to how fast you ride, its how comfortable you feel.

    As D74 said reach (saddle to handlbars / top tube length) is a key consideration but unless a frame is totally the wrong size this can also be adjusted with different length of stem, saddle position etc.

    If JEJames are a reputable LBS they should be able to measure you and help you try a few different bikes / bike set ups.  If you're then left with a choice between a couple of bikes go for one with carbon forks, ll the above have carbon forks and carbon seat stays (the rear triangle), a couple of the bikes have carbon rear seat stays.  Cabon is more flexible then Aluminium so provides a more comfortable ride over longer distances.

  • errr seems I did add a bit to what he said lol image
  • Crank length is a red herring as that's more down to leg length than overall height, and so in fact on a WSD you'd expect the cranks to be slightly longer than the equivalent 'mens' frame.  However, the reality is that they are all within 10mm in length then few of us would notice one at 170 and the other at 175 anyway.
  • Ooh thanks Haile, I might have to take you up on that! image

    Thanks Barley image
  • Green bikes are best but only with downtube shifters

    BE AFRAID image
  • Black loooks faster though
  • I thought blacks were supposed to be bigger, surely theyre not faster too?

    Though i'll bow to your experience image
  • LOL well of an more animal quality about them so they ride harder and stronger
  • is it just me or do all those bikes look a bit.... .. ... girly ?
  • ed - there's a clue in Aitch's 1st post.....

    " went to my LBS JEJames earlier and chatted to a lovely guy about bikes and they have a range of women's specific bikes "

  • FB - You need to maake allowances for him, he spends way too much  time hanging out on Canal tow paths image
  • do women want bikes that look girly ?

  • good point ed

    just been a week MTB'ing in Spain and one of the girls on that trip was a fecking good biker - up, down or flat, she was strong and also technically very good. she rode a very good Giant MTB but tricked out in pink bits (brake levers, disk blocks, saddle etc) and when I asked her why she said it was because too many people thought she rode like a bloke (she was a roadie as well) so it was her little way of showing she was a girl. I did point out that she had tits and looked like a girl - albeit no oil painting imho - but it was just her way of stating it.

    as they say - whatever floats the boat....
  • To be honest, I'm not too fussed about the girlie look of the bike.... I prefer the more plain ones.... but I guess decor isn't the most important thing to look at!
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