I think I’ve missed the last two series……… can someone give me a quick run-down of what’s happened. 

What happened to Pratt?

Where’s Kovac?

Is Abbey still an alcoholic?


Training on a Thursday will now suffer so I can get home & be ready to watch it.



  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Missed loads too. Not seen it since Carter left. Maybe 3 series then.
  • is it stil going?????
  • From what I remember, an ambulance exploded at the end of the last series:


    - Pratt died in last night's episode.  And apparently they were going to give him the Chief of ER job.

    - Kovac is apparently looking at a job in Boston

    Dunno whether Abby is still an alky or not.....

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    For one more series only I think. Until the repeats start.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭

    And, of course, the repeats of the repeats.

  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭

    Ahh, thanks!

    I watched Pratt died, but had missed the end of the last series so didn't know what had happened!

    Ohh, and don't forget the DVD box sets image

  • I have them all up to season 11 and am waiting for 12 to come down in price...... image
  • I watched the first ever episode with the lovely Dr Ross <swoon>.  Kind of gave up on it about 3 series back.  Aparently lots of the original cast are coming back for the last episode - which is going to be flashback type stuff in case you're wondering how the dead ones are going to reappear!
  • ER was one of those series that I really loved and would never miss an episode but then they started faffing around with the timings/days which was really annoying.  Most irritatingly tho' I missed half of series 14 because I hadn't realised it was back on.  Rather gave up after that.
  • Exactly why I stopped watching it too Kaz. 
  • I have all the boxed sets for sale on Ebay at the mo!

    CBC, Chem 7 and  a C-Spine!

  • What happened to Pratt?
    - explosion in ambulance at the end of the last series (makes a change from blowing up the actual ER). 

    Where’s Kovac?
    - sulking somewhere after Abby got really weird during her drinking phase.  He spent ages "in Croatia" looking after his dying dad, during which time Abby started drinking again.  They haven't really got on since he returned, and wasn't hugely supportive when Abby confessed she was drinking and asked him to be patient.  He ended up stomping off at some point to get some "space" (or to negotiate a better pay from the TV company??)

    Is Abbey still an alcoholic?
    do alcoholics ever become "not"?  She's got dry again.  At the end of the last series she was looking at jobs outside County, but in the end decided to stay. 

  • I love this programme too,  prob missed a few of the last series

    Won a lovely 10 day break in Chicago courtesy of ER and Capital Radio   image

  • Cool - did you enjoy it M.eldy?
  • most certainly   image
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭
    Great time to catch up then before the end Meldy.
  • only if they run repeats .... I cant work my dvd or video without the aid of a 4 yr old child
  • m.ittenm.itten ✭✭✭
    More 4+1 and various others I'm sure.
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