Timex Watches

I've been trawling various sites and forums to come up with a watch that suits my needs and I have decided on a Timex. I found a thread on this site that had the watch details but foolishly I didn't note the model and I can no longer find the thread.

 It was a timex with enough split time recalls for running marathons. It also has an alarm function that you can use to run a session of varying speeds without needing to look at your wrist all the time. My understanding was that it would beep after a preset number of minutes (tempo run) and then give a different beep after a different number of minutes (recovery time)

There was no heart monitor or GPS or navigation aids or anything like that and it was less than £50 I think. Does anyone recognise this mdoel?


  • I believe all of the timex ironman watches provide these features.There are several different models available.

    I have an Ova midsize and have just ordered a Ironman Sleek to replace it. The rubber  of my pale blue strap has become discoloured by all the sweat so I'd recommend a darkish colour strap.

  • Could be the Ironman 50 lap Sleek - usually £49.99 (cheaper at Argos sometimes though).

     50 laps/splits for races plus has a single or a dual countdown timer for sessions.

  • That's the one I've ordered.

     I've ordered it from www.simplysportswatches.co.uk for £40.49 and free postage.

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