Worthing Open "20"

Haven't done this before.

 Will have to wait & see whether The Albion are at Wembley on this date before deciding to sign up!


  • I think you can safely sign up.

    It's 4 x 5 mile laps. Not the most interesting race I've ever done, but good prep for spring marathons.
  • I've entered already. I ran this in 2006 and really enjoyed it. I never notice the scenery anyway, usually far too busy chasing the person in front and fending off the breathing of whoever is chasing me to look around. I enjoyed the four lap format and the event is very well organized and marshalled.
  • Number and timing chip arrived in the post today #15. Touch wood, the training's going well with a couple of 17's and 18's already in the bag. My first 20 mile training run of the year is this Sunday. Thankfully I've got a couple of mates who are running these mileages as well, so I'll have great company and support. I've never been up to these mileages at this stage of the year before, but I haven't enjoyed my running as much as I'm doing now for a long time either. I missed a lot of 2008 through injury and perhaps that absence did make the heart grow fonderimage.
  • i want to enter this but am only running 13 miles on my long runs at the moment. Do you think I am allowing enough time to build up my milage to enter this?
  • If you just add one mile  a week to your long run from now on you'll be ready by April 5th, no problem! Good luck....
  • Well, we're out of the JPT, image

    looks like I'll have to enter up now.

  • Have a FLM Gold Bond place and was thinking of entering this race.  Is this too close to the Marathon or would it be a good "trial run".  

    Any advice gratefully received 

  • I have done this a few times and found it to be a good trial run.  It's a bit tough being 4 laps, but if you can get over that then it's a flat course and a fair amount of support, I would go for it, you don't have to race it flat out, just treat it as a training run

     Good luck!

  • Thank you for that - panicing now as didn't realise what a huge undertaking running the FLM was.

     Looking forward to getting my Sunday lie-ins back image

  • I've signed up, managed a 17mile run training run last weekend but most of my training has only been up to 13 miles. Fingers crossed I can make it to the end!!

     A little birdy told me that the momento will be a glass cube with runners in it, sounds cute, I really want one now so with have to get to the finish line even if it means crawling the last 3 miles!! 

  • I've got that momento 3 times already! They're starting to get as common as medals now! Very nice though, and significantl  more appealing than a medal.

    Feeling quietly confident about this, have done a 22 in FLM training, and another 20 mile race. Planning to run at least 15 miles as slow as I can, and maybe stick in the last 5 at Marathon pace. No PB attempts from me!

  • Not much info about the race - or anything - on the site.

    Has anyone tried to contact the organisers by e-mail? I've tried twice but had no reply.

  • Hi my club is organising it, have you any particular questions? I can find out for you.

    What I know so far is, it is 4 x 5mile laps around going and it is a fast flat course. There will be chip timing. It starts at 9am and they still have entrys on the day. (If you go to the entry form I think it has a bit of information.)

  • Couldn't remember whether I'd entered so I e-mailed for the first time on Sunday 22nd. No reply so missed the pre-entry (£14) date of Thursday 26th. Tried again last Sunday - all to address above - but no reply.

    Not sure I'm happy to pay the £20 on the day price given that I tried to get info before the closing date, but thanks for your reply.

  • Bit nervous about entering this as i havent done enough training. But with only 3 weeks to flm maybe I should just plod round and hope for the best. does anyone know exactly where the route goes?
  • http://www.worthingharriers.com/uploadforms/1238513522-Course-map.pdf

    is the map they have on the website.

    Basically does a loop from seafront ferring, east, up george the 5th, west along goring rd, goring way and down sea lane ferring.

  • Thanks Lizzie,

    on my doorstep thats a bonus 

  • Well i'm glad thats over with!!
  • A tough one for sure. Very hot inland away from the sea front, and a strong head wind at the beginning of each lap. Great marshals very well organised drinks stations, and friendly runners made for a very enjoyable day out though. Thanks to all involved, in whatever capacity.
  • Yep, enjoyed that one, although I'm sure the breeze along the seafront got stronger each lap!

    Good steady run that will hopefully set me up for London.

    As Liam says, a good, well run event. Amazing how well the course worked, the use of the cycle lanes was a great idea which allowed road running without tangling with the traffic.

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