anyone else kicking the weed?

felt them soo much on my run today.  Got 3 left to smoke after putting rest under the tap. I am willing to do what it takes this time , even if I am a bit snappy.


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Good luck Hoosie image
  • cheers Cin. The way I felt during the run and in my chest was a lot worse than any withdrawal. I will do it


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    Good for you Hoosie.  My mum is kicking the habit, she was very poorly at the end of last year and was told she must give up this time.
  • (( Cin)) -sorry to hear about your mum-wish her luck from me. I am finding this book useful and you can download it free and print it for her (unless she is good on the net)

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    Lol, no she's a bit anti technology so will download it for her thanks image
  • it is quite a few pages but really good at getting the message accross with no crap.
  • What again ???????

    "To give up smoking is easy..... I have done it many times".

    Good luck Hoose.....

    5 years for me this year

  • cheers DTS

    well done youimage

  • I am near the end of treatment of Radio Therapy for Throat Cancer No better incentive to give up i can tell you. Hav;nt touched one for four months.  
  • You  are right Davy. I have early COPD.

    Hope your treatment is successful. The dangers I guess were made very real to you.

    stay well

  • Well done Hoose  ....again.

    11 years for me this year and Im soooo smug about it

    You can do it this time find someone to give up with so you will let them down if you go back, guilt is a strong motivator.

    Good Luck

  • Cheers Hoose keep well yourself as well.
  • JFDI Hoose or I'll come round and break your smoking fingers ?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    What is COPD?

    Doesn't matter how many times you start giving up, you'll get there in the end! Mum has tried many times but this time its right for her!

  • Hoose good luck

    davy Tree- i'm sorry to hear that - i hope you be ok

    i have'nt smoked in oohh 30 odd years -

    i don't smoke, drink or gamble - boring maybe - but when me and brothers were young - it crippled our young life with mums and dads habits

  • Cheers micknphil everythings looking good so far
  • I did it by listening to The Easy Way to Stop Smoking audiobook by Allen Carr. I didn't even want to quit I only tried it out of interest but I soon realised that it was going to work just from the first chapters. My brain has been rewired back to the days when I saw smoking as a horrific thing and I used to throw my mothers fags down the toilet. This book really works if you want to quit.
  • A friend of mine's given up (this year). Tried lots of times before. I'll give him a month before he's back on them again..

    I really don't understand why ppl give in and re-start when they say they're giving up - JFDI.

    Ultimately it's weakness.

  • thanks for the support folks. I know i have stopped and started countless times-it is a dreadful addiction.

    Adam- Allen Carr clinic stopped me for 3 months-have to audio book somewhere-cheers.

    Siance-thans ut not sure if it is weakness or what. I will not beat myself up as eing weak if I fail-gets you depressed and smoking more in my experience.

    COPD Cinders is Chronic Obstructive   summat disease. It is catchall term to describe damage to lungs through emphysema and and other stuff. Medics here will put it better than me.

  • Man thats heavy stuff Hoose you make sure you keep off the Tabs
  • only mild up to now but yeh if I carry on
  • just checked out the web site you mentioned some good stuff, cheers.
  • it is pretty useful
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Yep, thats about what mum has.  This spell in hospital was by far the worst she's ever had and really scared her.  She's spent 3 days with us for little C's first birthday and I didn't see her have one single ciggie so onwards and upwards imageimage
  • so glad for you and your mum Cinimage

    she has to take real care -scary or not smoking is a hell of an addiction and the thought of not doing can even outweigh other fears. Looks though that it hasnt for your mum so far-I am so glad.

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    Not the first time she's had a scare though Hoosie, she had major surgery on her arteries a few years back, she couldn't even walk to the top of her road without having to stop!  Having had Thomas has made her think that unless she gives up then she won't see him grow up!!  She's had a lovely weekend with him so think its given her a bit of momentum!    Must be so hard though, she's smoked since she was 9 and now she's 61.  Fair play to her image
  • yip cinds-I was diagnosed 2 years ago and still smoked.  Hope the thought of seeing Thomas grow up will do it-i think it will. I started at 9 but only 49.

    she will do it - lots of vibes being sent

    take care

  • keep going, it;ll be worth it.. have you thought about trying the nicotine patches? i am on my 3rd or 4th attempt and have now done 1 week, the patches have made it som much easier!! they're half price at boots at the mo.
  • Hi deedee -tried patches and did not work for me at all unfortunately. Well done you anyway-pleeeeaaaze keep it upimage
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