Manchester Marathon

Does anyone have the manchester marathon web site - if there is one?
I want to know route etc, to go and watch.
Ta, Tiny


  • Haven't received my race no. yet tiny toes, but it's from Heaton Park to Wythenshawe Park I believe. Will adv. route when I receive my info.
  • I got my t-shirt on Monday but no other info apart from a letter saying that the info will follow. I've heard that this is a flat course - can anyone out there confirm this?
  • I'm running the Manchester Marathon this year for the first time. I had a friend run it last year and he said it was mainly flat but there was quite a bit of up & down ! However, they changed it last year to take in part of the Commonwealth games route.

    Best of luck.....hopefully see you at the finish !!!!!!!!!!
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