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I have for quite a while been running on/off road in a pair of Adidas Kanadia TR shoes.

I'm in need of a new pair (long over due !) could you be so kind as to advise on a suitable pair for on/off road use ?

My kanadia shoes when i bought them were about £45.00 so my budget i guess will be arround that sort of price.

I went to all the usuall outlets and tried on most of the limited offerings but I'm however tempted to buy the same make/model again as i had no problems with them and they are still availiable in my size.

I spent years running in army combat boots so a pair of slippers are comfortable to me. I guess it's about time i started looking after myself a bit better image

 Any help and advice given is greatly appreciated.

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  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it - I'm looking at buying a pair of those - what are they like?
  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    I have just managed to get a pair in my size, but be warned, try them on for size, I am usually an 11 in running shoes but I bought a size 12 in these, the sizes are slightly smaller than usual I think.

    I have worn them twice off road and had a bit of a bad ankle twist when I slipped in the mud last week, so the grip in mud is not so great but otherwise they feel OK for £45.

  • Hello & many thanks for your replies !

    Oh yes definitely try them on yourself as Marty B has suggested !When i bought them i can remember the sales assistant asking if i had tryed them on as they had received feedback from customers advising that the sizing of the Kanadia is smaller than other models in the Adidas range.I also noticed that some on line retailer's are mentioning this also.I haven't had a problem as far as grip are concerned maybe i haven't tryed to run up a steep enough waterlogged boggy muddy bank but i guess everything has it's limits ! . I live on top of a mountain in wales & every run always ends with a steep incline to the finish line ( home ) & it only ever seems to rain when i'm out  imageI'm a size 10 generally but these Kanadia running trainers are on the tight side i needed an size 11.On a personal note: I think they are great for the money - I have now made my mind writing this and i'm going to buy another pair today !Product Info From Adidas website: ( I hope i don't get into trouble for copy/pasting the following )Kanadia TRThis is how you dominate the trails. The adidas Kanadia TR trail shoe gets aggressive with spiky, mud-shredding TRAXION™ outsoles, comfy air-mesh ventilation and hard-hitting adiPRENE® cushioning for an explosive exploration of nature.
    • Air mesh upper for maximum ventilation
    • Non-slip lining for comfort and performance
    • EVA insole for comfort
    • Compression-molded EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning
    • adiPRENE® under the heel for superior cushioning at impact
    • adiWEAR® outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability; TRAXION™ outsole for maximum grip in all directions
    • Imported

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  • I'm roughly a 7.5, so I'm guessing I would need an 8.5?

    Does it matter that I normally have to wear cushioned trainers when road running?

    Also, if I were to order them online at sweatshop, could I take them into my nearest store if they didn't fit properly, or can I return them?

    Thank you for the comments so far - most useful image

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    Vixx76, you would probably be a 8.0 or 8.5, if they are slightly too big you could use insoles which is what I did. I am also a wearer of cushioned shoes, so I thought the insoles would be a good idea. I think that the cushioning is not so important running off road anyway, but i wouldn't use them for road running alone.

    I am sure you could take tham back to nearest store, don't see why not.

  • Im normally a 7 or 7.5 depending on fit and bought a pair of 8.5s from Herunsheruns in manchester (offshoot of Sweatshop) Having told the lad in the shop about the sizing thing (he didnt know even tho it is on the Sweatshop website) - he also tried to suggested the womens (brown!?!?) version to me -no way image(dont think they go up to 8.5)

    havent actually worn them yet - they are very light and not particularly cushioned or supportive but should be ok off road

  • need at least 1 size if not 1.5 in latest version.

    I am trying to get a pair from sweatshop but they havn't got any in the right size.

  • i take a size 10 but bought a size 11 . the 10,s were a bit tight . tried them on a few off roaders and they never let me down. felt confident on muddy slopes but would not like to run very far on the road. not enough support in the heel, overall not a bad trail shoe for the money and will buy another pair.
  • I know it's an old thread but I've just picked up a pair of these for £25 in Cribbs (sports direct I think?). I'm not the brightest so asked the assistant for off roaders, was directed & chose these only to find I was in the mens section & ladies were upstairs. Quick look there but no off roads so stuck with the mens pair! I'm a 5 but the 6 feels fine.
  • To also add to this old thread. I love my kanadias. I have had them for a year and am now going to buy the kanadia 2. The sizing was tight but I dont have wide feet and take a 9 3/4ish shoe so got away with the 10, after a few weeks of hard trails they began to fit like a pair of socks and still do. Great grip for clambering up rocky trails.
  • just bought a pair of these and run 6 miles off road on mix of trails,woodland, hardpack,rocky, kanadia's performed well in all of these.Comfortable from the off, just had to go up a size from my normal shoe size, so its important to try before you buy these shoes.Good amount of cushioning without loosing touch with the ground underfoot, and also pretty stable on uneven ground, great shoes.

  • Just bought the Kanadia Tr 5's. Normally a size 9, but had to get the 9.5's. Had them out a 5 mile run over some very wet and muddy marshy trails/parkland and performed well, very good grip and comfortable enough, have no worries about wearing them on Sunday for a very muddy 15k Trail Race.
  • I bought a pair of Kanadia Tr4s size 9 as I am a sz 9 in other trainers. I agree that they are too tight so I will be buying a 9.5 or 10.

  • Love my Kanadia's . Couldn't be happier. Light, comfortable, don't hurt anywhere when running. Just bought my 2nd pair of TR7's


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