What does this mean?

Numpty alert!

If the Asics training schedule tells me to do these:

Wednesday, 14 January Run 6 x 1 minute rest 1 minute walk.
Friday, 16 January Run 1-2-1-2-1-2 minutes rest 2 minutes walk

- what *exactly* do they want me to do? In simple terms....for someone clueless imagex


  • think it means 1 minute run then rest a bit then 2 minutes walk. Think the otjer refers to 1-2 minutes run 3 times with resat in between then 2 mins walk.

    by no means clear is it?

  • I'm equally as clueless withthis:

    Run 2 x 3/ 2 x 2/2 x 1 minute rest always 2 minutes walk.

    And I can't find anywhere that tels me what the hell it all means! i think I'll find a more simple 10k plan lol!

  • what I know from sched I followed -it would mean 2  3minutes runs then 2  2 minute runs the 2 1 minute runs. then the walk

    intervals are often written similarly.

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