Treadmill. Need expert advice please.

I plan on having my treadmill indoors (as opposed to it being in the garage) in a bedroom.

Before moving it up there, what can I put down to lessen vibration noise ? I don't want to get the thing dragged up there to realise that it's going to make too much noise.

I've Googled for antivibration pads, but non of them (the ones I can find) do what I want them to do.

Any ideas folks ? I really would appreciate any advice at all.




  • I think you may struggle with that one. You can get thick rubber matting - that will help with the noise - but its not going to go away ? I think a few people on here have treadies in the house - hopefully they will read your question.
  • i started with my treadmill in the bedroom, it didnt work, pads make it a little better, ended up putting it in the kitchen for the winter months, but make sure its on a hard floor and all your clock are firm on the wall!! image
  • If it's wooden floorbards then you're going to struggle.  I think if I was doing this (I wouldn't) then I'd start by adding in some additional joists and ties under the floor boards. 
  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    I've got one in my bedroom and it's noisy and it smells. Oh no, wait that might be me.

    Seriously, they are noisy, especially in the room underneath and you'll also get noise transmitted through the floorboards which may bother you neighbours (if you have any). The noise is mostly through your footfall. I do also find that the bedroom tends to smell, which I originally thought was sweat, but now think it's mostly the belt (I actually googled it and it seems a common problem). However there will always be the sweat side of things as well which isn't too pleasant to think about.

     I always run with the bedroom windows wide open and a couple of fans pointed on me.

    My bedroom floor is carpetted, and I've set the tready up on some folded carpet on top of plywood boards (to spread the weight acros a few floorboards) so it's sat on on 5 layers of carpet and some 3/4 plywood.

  • I have a treadmill in my bedroom, which is on the first floor of a maisionette; the room's carpeted and the treadmill came with a "high impact mat protective flooring", plus the belt itself or something is designed to help reduce noise & vibration ( The neighbour downstairs hasn't complained yet and the flat hasn't collapsed, so it must work!  I don't have any odd smells yet, clearly I don't use it enough! image
  • I think the guy that lives in the flat above us has a treadmill in his bedroom, because we can hear him hammering away for about ten minutes every night.....and he's a right noisy bassa pounding away stomp stomp stomp, like an elephant, so yeah mum, I think you'll need to use protection mats on your floor.
  • Ten minutes every night  maybe hes not on the treadmill  image
  • LOL !!

    Thanks for all the replies folks.

    It's all still in the planning stage at the moment because there's all the furniture to be given away from that room...

    Hopefully I'll be able to let you know if the plan for extra carpet and the rubber matting works.

    I'm still open to ideas tho' so please keep them coming image

  • TheraThera ✭✭✭
    Our neighbours have their treadmill in a bedroom. To minimise the noise & vibration they put it as close to the wall as possible, which seems to have helped. They said it has not got rid of it completely, and there is the issue of getting very warm. My treadie is in the garage, which is a lot cooler than my bedroom, which makes for a more pleasant run. Good luck with the decision making image
  • Mine is in a bedroom but the floor is concrete so not a issue. Re the effect of warmth whatever you do buy a fan and stick in front of you.
  • TheraThera ✭✭✭
    DD - does that get rid of the smell as well? A few people have mentioned that the smell of sweat may linger (nice!...not).
  • Nope doesn't do damn all for the smell of stale sweat. Fortunately we don't use that bedroom for anything else!
  • I bought some thick foam matting that comes in squares and fits jigsaw like to put under the treadie. I bought it from an online fitness web-site. It worked fine-although my husband might disagree!
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