The Story of the Plods



  • Is there really no plod thread yet?
  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    Who was first?

    We need to see the seconds; minutes are no good.

  • Doesn't mine win because it's a better song?

    At least I think it is but then I am sad 80's chick.

  • XBXB ✭✭✭

    I've not heard of my song. I just picked it because it's called "run"

    And I'm a happy 80's Cockimage

  • Apparently (at least according to friends) I am time warped in 1988. I dispute this, mainly on the grounds of my Beautiful South obbession. They didn't appear on the scene until later than that. image

  • afternoon

    a bad case of the plods here

    I think I am probably driving Bobs nuts

    she's gone off a plodding

  • so


    good Tai Chi

    nice chat to Best Friend on Phone

    foot not as sore as yesterday

  • looking forward

    dancing off the inches with Camilla (don't ask!)

    flutle time


  • Camilla Dalerup?

    Or Windsor?

  • erm

    thin camilla with golden shorts


    pants really

  • My friend always says she couldn't be an elite cross country runner because they run round the countryside in their bra and pants

    The same probably applies to dancing and golden shorts.

  • totally agree - readful fashion look

    nothing to do with the fact I 12 minute mile

  • think you should have a second opinion really
  • ok

    you'll do...

    grab a stop watch and I'll got for a plod...

  • stops...


  • <hands flr a pair of gold shorts and starts the stopwatch>
  • <<wonders who mr w is timing...>>
  • night


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