Kaka Exclusive

I have come across dialogue between Man City and AC Milan superstar Kaka. Unfortunately I only have the script from the City end but I think it is clear for all as to the total content:

Part 1

"Hello, is that Kaka? How do you fancy becoming the supply line to Craig Bellamy and Darius Vassell this winter?
"No, your fellow countryman doesn’t like the cold and will be out until mid April - but you will play alongside Stephen Ireland"
"No, Kaka, Ireland is a person not a country"
"yes, I fully appreciate that he is not Ronaldinho, Pirlo or even Beckham but many fans have him in their fantasy football"
"I know you are currently the richest man in Italy but we can double it!"
"erm, well, we have had a bit of a slide recently and we are currently 15th"
"erm, out of 20...... but Mark Hughes once won the double for our neighbours"
"Ex Blackburn boss"
"Blackburn, Blackburn Rovers"
"No, Blackburn......Black.....Burn"
"He once scored a good goal against Spain"
"No, thats Gerry Armstrong..... anyway, are you coming or not?"
"Usually about two thirds full but if we play a big team its really rocks"
"yes I know, but we dont even have a car park cos all the fans walk to the ground they are so local"
"Relevance? well, I suppose its all they have to brag about whether its true or not"
"Only the one to be fair but its called 'blue moon' you will love it"
"yes, definitely blue, always has been"
"No, no, no, they are in Trafford"
"yes they are, steeped in it in fact but what good is history to you my ambitious friend?"
"erm, 1976 I think"
"it was the er, the er League cup if memory serves me right"
"Well, the plan was to get in the top 4 this season and then....."
"yes, I realise that but....."
"Aston Villa? Whats it got to do with them?"
"Yes, I know but we have been down this history route already"
"How the heck does a Brazilian playing in Italy know about Nottingham Forest?"


  • Part 2
    "Yes, yes, and Leeds United also made a final but you are missing my point, this is all about the future"
    "Give me strength......HUGHES!!!!"
    "yes I know he did and he was a legend there but he is a changed man"
    "forget them, they are falling apart"
    "But all those trophies were won last year! They have won nothing in 2009"
    "I have told you.... 1976!!!!"
    "How the heck does a Brazilian playing in Italy know that Virginia Wade has won Wimbledon since then?"
    "Yes she probably is in her 60's"
    "I dont know, probably about 10 league titles, 2 european cups and countless domestic cups what has that got to do with it?"
    "76,000 why?"
    "yes, every game, even minor cups I suppose, but where is this getting us?"
    "Yes, the league cup is considered a minor cup over here why?"
    "I know, I know, I know, ok perhaps they won the FA Cup in 1970 or something does it really matter?"
    "look, Kaka, we will treble whatever you are on now, buy you a mansion in Alderley Edge and give you a helicopter for your front lawn....are you joining us?"
    "NO!, its owned by the council - what has the ground got to do with anything"
    "well, officially its the city of manchester stadium but most people call it Eastlands"
    "EAST!, not Waste"
    "You will be adored there"
    "No, not there, here I meant"
    "No, thats Old Trafford, I meant adored here at Waste....erm, Eastlands"
    "Anderson??? what does he know?"
    "Ok I hear what you say, but other than Pride, Ambition, Achievement, History, Passion and a large car park - what can they offer you?"
    "what do you mean no credit left in your phone.....I phoned you"
    "Hello, Mr Kaka,...... Mr Kaka are you there?............................YOU RED B*ST*RD!!!!!"
  • Who's Kaka?
  • Very good.

     Must say that a bid of £100 miilion is obscene and weekly wages of £500,000 worse.

     On the last point in particular the club need to be really careful. So they have a rich Sheikh who can pay ridiculous transfer fees but what if they do sign Kaka on £500,000 a week and then the chairman leaves in 8 months. Without him how are they ever going to afford to pay? If they are contractually tied in then the club will go bust and disappear.

     They have to take sustainable decisions for themselves,  everybody else will already be out of the picture, especially in the current global economic climate. The game is close to destroying itself but no doubt everybody will deny it until it all falls apart. That was what happened with the global economic climate !! 

  • Footballer, Brazilian, plays for AC Milan, voted Worlds Best Player 2007, alleged transfer target for Man City
  • yes - very good........and I agree with Brooks - the amounts involved are obscene.

    I hope wendyball disappears up it's own inflated arse if it goes ahead
  • I'm a Chelsea fan so maybe a bit hypocritical in saying this but yes, agree. Where does it end I wonder?
  • That was a rather tongue-in-cheek question, NTL image

    It will end when people finally say no, I'm not paying £XX for a ticket to a game just so that some bloke can earn £500k a week.

  • Oh dear, I missed that completely Wilkie image

    As much as I love football I long ago gave up paying the ridiclous prices to watch it live. It simply doesn't represent good value compared to say a night out at the theatre.

  • Especially given that the core support for City comes from an area where a street doesn't earn that per year, or most of them wouldn't earn £500,000 in a lifetime (£12,500 per annum).
  • That's what we did in November Wilkie. My team were playing the local one, so we all wanted to go & watch...it would have cost £64. This is Championship, not even top flight, and not even top of the Championship, a mid table match. If we'd wanted to see the game a week later it would have been about £50, but that's not the match we were interested in. In the end me & H stayed at home so the boys could go.

    H had some of the local rugby team round doing promotions at her school just before the Christmas holidays. Agan not top flight, and the local team aren't top of their league either, but it gets competitive. After some coaching & signing autographs, they gave all the kids vouchers to get them and a parent into the next home game free.

    No contest really!

  • Cost us just over £100 for two season tickets to the velodrome.  4 nights, 7pm>10:30, each time plenty of olympic gold medalists, they sign autographs, Pendleton gave a bunch of flowers to a girl who's birthday it was, parking included.  Great atmosphere, again no contest, especially as you don't need to fear for your life incase you get trapped in a riot.
  • But you do risk being impaled as another bit of B of the Bang falls off image
  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    I've been a City fan all my life (OK I know, but I was born in Manchester), but I still think the money they're offering is obscene, and the way rich benefactors sponsor football really ,really pi$$es me off.

    But then again where else could 50,000 regular people pay £30 to watch 22 millionaires run around for 90 minutes.

  • £500,000 per week to play for those bitter b&stards????????

    No wonder Kaka thinks they are taking the pi$$,it's no where near enough.

    33 years,33 years  image

  • Yes, but I'll be 34 in March.

    It's quite amusing to think I was 1 when city last won something.

    I can understand Milan granting permission to them to talk to him, but they'll need some sort of mind control expert to convince him. Unless he's only in it for the money, then he may as well hold out for £1 million a week. Seems like they'd waste any amount of money.

  • Sadly I was 5 when they last won something,does that mean I can offically laugh at their abject failure more than you SVT?

  • yeah when Berba the Incredible Sulk was such a bargain for you lot in the end
  • I love it, very funny.
  • All this is nonsense innit?

    Hopefully some big sponsors will start to pull out and some clubs will really go bust and then some sanity might return.

    Barclays will I am sure not be able to spare more than tuppence a season for the prem next time for one.

  • £100,000,000 to buy a player, and the £500,000 a week in wages? No wonder these Premier league teams charge so much to get in to a match. What a rip off!image
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