hip resurfacing in March

I have had a diagnosis at 49 years of age of severe degeneration of hip due to osteoarthritis. I am having resurfacing operation and am desperate to return to running after. My consultant says no but i am sure i will be fine if i am careful! Please is there anyone out there who has had this and is running again? What are the best shoes to get and how long after op did you run?


  • Hi, Dawn, I had my hip resurfaced four weeks ago.It is amazing I,m pain free for the first time in two years,didn,t even need any post op pain relief.Check out surfacehippy.info/  there are lots of patients stories on there. I had my operation on 17 th Dec and was home on the 19th.I managed to walk to the paper shop the next day using two crutches, a one and a half mile round trip.Two days later I walked for four miles.I am now using one crutch, walking for miles,up to 30 minutes three times a week on the bike in the gym and twenty minutes three times a week on the elliptical trainer.Everything I,ve read about resurfacing says that it allows you to be more active than a total hip replacement.I,ll be walking a half marathon in March a10k in June and I hope to run a half in August and the Dublin marathon in October.Hope everything goes well for you,let us know how you get on.
  • don't forget, it's not whether you can run it's should you?
    This is a mechanical joint that will fail, the more running you do, the sooner you may cause it to fail.
    Revising a resurfacing to a total hip replacement can be a difficult procedure, do you want to risk having a series of hip operations, each one being more difficult ( for you and the surgeon) with less good outcomes each time.

    Devils advocate, enjoy the pain relief and take up cycling or swimming!
  • Hi,  I feel I must disagree with Jeremy regarding his words 'This is a mechanical joint that will fail, the more running you do'.   I had my right hip resurfaced over 3 years ago and was up and running within three months after the operation and ran two 10k's within two weeks of each other. The longest I have run on the new hip is just under 13 miles. The only issue I have is with scare tissue and the sciatic nerve which on occassions cause me some pain but is controlled by tablets when needed. I had a scan last summer 09 and the joint was in good condition with no signs of wear. My surgeon has told me that I could carry on running on my new hip and the hip joint will last a life time. The metal joint is precision and made of special metals which should not produce any particals. I'm 48 years old and just retired from racing. My last race was the Chevin Chase 7 miler on Boxing day north of Leeds. I went out in style dressed as a fully decorated Christmas tree!  I'm still going to continue running twice a week but at a slower pace. Reason... My other normal hip is now on it's way out and will need replacing soon. The resurfaced hips are stronger and better than normal human hips and its harder to dislocate too.

    I know running is high impact but when you have a new hip (resurfacing) it's easy to change your style of running to reduce the impact. Shorter, lower and faster strides. Keep your feet low to the ground. Don't trystriding and bouncing, just stay low. Always have good quality cushioned running shoes and change them after 500 miles of running. Add heel gels inside too! 

    Swimming and cycling is less impact but if you love running then run. Listen to your body!

  • Runagain, I completely agree with your comments.I am 68 and had a total hip replacement nearly four years ago.It was nearly a year before I started running again but this was mainly due to contracting shingles which was not diagnosed for some time and has now left me with nerve damage which is very painful.However I have been back to running 5k and 10k races quite regularly over the past few years and am looking forward to more races soon.Providing you muscle up well and are sensible in respect of terrain there should be no problem with the hip joint.If anyone has any good ideas on pain relief for the shingles pnp,I should be grateful. 

  • hi everybody i had my right hip resurfaced 0ct `99 and im doing my 7th half marathon next week the humber bridge raising money for my boxing club i played football and boxed and now work as a post man.i manage on pain killers im 35 now

    good advice runagain  listen to your body

  • In the four years since I had the hip resurfaced I,ve  completed two marathons, twenty five half marathons and twenty one 10Ks. I don,t do the marathon anymore but have no intention of stopping the other two.

    Hip looks fine on the yearly x-rays.

  • hi jim

           nice work  thats they way to do it

      do u have any problems with pain while running??  my leg starts really hurting round the ten mile.

           any advice no problems on x-rays


  • No pain when running, get a bit of pain after a half but ok after a 10K.

    It got really sore after the marathons that is why I stopped doing them.

    Only advice is enjoy your running but as you say yourself listen to your body.

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