Base Training

I started base training 3 weeks ago and have already seen huge improvements in my pace at 65-70% WHR but I now have a really stiff neck, back and shoulders (muscular pain) that doesn't seem to be improving.

Does anyone know from experience, or suspect, that the stiffness and pain might be from slowing down so much when I run and thus changing my natural running action?

Also, what kind of specialist should I see to put me right?  I feel like I have been in a car crash and although it isn't stopping me training, it doesn't seem to be getting any better.



  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Base training was all the rage a few years back, but has fallen out of favour a bit since. It's okay for some but not for all.

    When I tried it out I had an increase in injuries, which a physio told me were due to too much plodding and not enough variety. A running version of RSI, if you like. The remedy was simple: mix it up a bit.

    You don't say how often or how far you run. But in your situation I would include at least one and preferably two sets of either intervals or good tempo sessions to work out those places that don't get much from base training.

    It worked for me and I have regarded base training as a bit of a fad ever since. 

  • Hi Muttley, I hear what you are saying about the running RSI.

    I run 3x a week averaging about 20miles a week.  I also cycle 3x for an average of about 30miles a week.

    I decided to try base training after a season of hard training and too many coughs, colds & chest infections.  I had to slow down from doing what I thought were easy 10m/m to almost 14m/m but I am now doing 11m/m at 65% WHR so I know it is working for me. 

    I am not planning on doing it for too long, maybe 10wks in total, but figured if I got a good aerobic base before starting my normal training of 4x a week with one speedwork, one tempo, one recovery and one long it may help me reduce the chance of illness as I think I was seriously overtraining before as I wasn't aware how hard I was training every session.

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