I've been running now for many years, half marathons, 10K runs, Edinburgh marathon last year and now training for FLM.

Just bought some new Mizuna Wave Alchemy 8 shoes and after running a 10 mile training run last week, the ball of my left foot was quite tender but went away but just completed the Helsby half marathon and felt a pain again from about mile 7.

When I finally took the shoes off after driving home, I had a sizeable blood filled blister in the same position.

Shall I persist with these shoes, which were £60, or do I chalk it up to bad luck and buy a new pair, hoping that these are ok?

I have never had blisters before and need to start cranking up the mileage.

Hope someone can offer some advice. My legs feel good, but my foot hurts!



  • Hi Jon,

    I have got the same problem....currently using Muzino Inspire Wave and have a nasty blister on the arch of my left foot......common sense prevailed and i didnt go out today.... ;-(

    On another forum I was reccomended New Balance, which is  reassuring as when I was training for the FLM in 2006 I suffered from blisters and chenged to the NB's....and everything cleared up..

    Good luck....doing the FLM too this year...hopefully blister free! 

  • I used to have Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7s and I got blisters quite a lot. I now use NBs almost exclusively and rarely get them. Like Dave my blisters were always on the arch of my foot.

    Maybe 10 miles was a bit too far for the first run in new shoes so you could try a few shorter runs to see how you go til they're broken in a bit more maybe?

  • I have been running in Wave inspires and getting blisters on my arches! i previously tired brooks still got blisters! I think  a lot of it is to do with the shape of your feet!
  • hi PQ... 

    what model of NB did you have?? I used 854's but they no longer make could be right though Lisa.....hoping to go out tomorrow....with compeed firmly fixed in place so hopefully should be over the worst...

  • Hi Dave, I run in N846s which have been around for a while so I'm expecting them to be discontinued soon too.... image 
  • Hello again.

    Thanks for the comments, I suppose 10 miles and then a half marathon in new shoes was chancing it, just never expected to get blisters, I'll know better next time.

    Now where did I put those plasters....

  • Hi

    I have been running in Mizuno running shoes for the last year and am on my second pair (wave creation 9) and have never had any problem with blisters. Although I have developed a corn on the ball of my right foot. Whether this is from the shoe or just because I significantly up my milage in the autum trainning for a marathon.

    I guess ,as previously mentioned, we all have different shaped feet and some make of shoes suit some people and not others.

  • Went so those lovely people in Sweatshop last Saturday. Had a run on the gait analysis, who confirmed that I over pronate....never....!!!  And that the Muzino were the right kind of shoe, but just maybe the now model.

    Tried a couple of shoes and settled for the Nike Tri Max. These aparrently have more support under the heel area and stop the arch moving down enought to stop any rubbing.

    Cutting to the chase, I have had them for a week......   four miles breaking in last Saturday, 4 km on a treadmill last Monday evening ( I was on an overnight course, so used to be  in the bar at that time!!) and 6.5  miles on Thursday even.....blister free.  .....!!!!  Having said that still wearing compeed plaster on one foot, as there is a fair bit of new skin where the blister was....but very very very comfortble running at the off for a 10 miles today...before it snows.....and Brands Hatch half marathon next week.

    If everything stays as it is I will be buying a second pair soon.

  • Interesting - I have just bought a pair of Wave Inspire 5's as recommended by Sweatshop and after my first run (treadmill 7K) I have a large blister on my third toe.  Apart from that the shoes felt very light and 'fast' (all relative of course!).I've previously always had Nike Air Structure Triax's and no blister problems but I found version 11 very narrow.  I also tried the Equalon but this was also tight, has anyone else noticed this with newer Nike's?Whilst in Sweatshop I couldn't help noticing most of the staff had Mizuno's on and at least two other people bought a pair when I was in the shop.  Either these are very good shoes or the staff are on extra commission to sell Mizuno's!! image
  • I have just bought a pair of Alchemy 9's. My first support shoes, so I am in the process of adjusting. I have a blisters just above the arch of my right foot - which I think is caused by rubbing from the hard insert inside the heel. As I am very flat footed and over-pronate a lot, I think that foot turns in and rubs against the inside of the heel. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with this part of the shoe - if you feel the heel area inside the shoe you can feel a hard 'cup-like' insert inside the padding.

     I'm wondering if this is the correct shoe for me, or if it is just a matter of breaking it in and toughening my feet up!

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