How good is the TCR show

Been thinking of going to the TCR show at Sandown next month, can I just expect to spend my time dribbling over equipment I cant afford, or is there also some good bargins to be had (looking for a first wetsuit)?


  • would be good to know what it's like as I've not been before but was considering it more so to see if there were any reasonable talks, lectures etc

     re wetsuit though Neil,  I've not got one either but was looking to hire one for the season and if all is ok with it then I think that most retailers who hire then offer you an option to buy at the season end,

  • I got a lot of really good, cheap running kit.  Hope there's some good bargains again this year!
  • there will be bargains to be had especially on last year's stock - wetsuits will be at good prices but you have to use the toilets to try them on (or did a few years ago) which is a bit of a pain....

    there are loads of retailers trying to flog you stuff and usually a few bargains to be had, bling to be drooled over, but it's way too busy for me - been twice, won't bother again
  • Went teh year before I did my first tri as it was round the corner from where I used to live.  Met Graeme Obree which was worth the trip in itself, and there were some good seminars.  Some  deals, and of course chance to try stuuff on, and see it up close given that most of us have to rely on internet purchases for tri-specific gear. 
  • It was OK but not as many deals/show specials as I expected. And don't enter the draw for a "free" holiday!
  • is it aimed at the Tri fraternity or is there some running related stuff??

    bikes dont interest me

  • Possibly not worth it.  Most runners would find too little run stuff there and baulk at paying the admission price.
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