No long runs in my Schedule

I've been following a myasics program for a 1/2 marathon on 29th March, for the last 3 weeks I've had a 15km run on Saturdays, then it changes with the longest run of the week being 8km on a Thursday and 30 and 40 minute runs on Satuday and Sunday.

After this I go back to long runs on Saturday (105 minuts for 3 weeks).

Is is usual to have a break from the long runs - mind you 3 months ago 8km was a LONG run image



  • Sounds like the schedule is written on "the 3 weeks build then an easy week" principle.  Your body gets an easy seven days to adapt to the training load that you've put it through during the previous three weeks; you're then stronger and faster to face the next three weeks hard work image
  • Up until now it's been building up. 3 weeks 60 minute, 3 weeks 70, 80, 90 etc. then thrown these 3 weeks in with no long run seemingly from nowhere?
  •  The following is this weeks and next weeks schedule, I must admit I am ready for a bit of a rest, I did actually miss my long run thisweekend as I was knackered and simply couldn't motivate myself! I does mix up the days and run types a bit, some weeks I've run 5 out of 7 days etc.

    Any opinions gratefully recieved

    Monday, 19 January (today)9 times consecutively:400 meter at a pace that you will run during a 5 kilometres or 10 kilometres race.
    Tuesday, 20 January30 minutes running.
    Saturday, 24 January15 kilometres running. Try to find a 15 kilometres race and try to run at the highest possible pace.
    Sunday, 25 January45 minutes running.
    Tuesday, 27 January45 minutes tempo run where you will run close to your 10 kilometres pace in the middle of the run.
    Thursday, 29 January8 kilometres running at race pace.
    Saturday, 31 January30 minutes running.
    Sunday, 1 February45 minutes running.
  • That looks like a pre-race taper for the 15k race, followed by an easy week...
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